Three Amazing Facts about American Football You Most Likely Didn’t know

Steve O Speak

A professional sports league that has been operating for over a century is sure to have its share of colourful individuals and remarkable events in its storied past. American football is massive and the number of viewers that a match gets is insane, as you can imagine, the sport is very competitive and is thrilling to watch. However, if you’re a casual observer or a die-hard fan for NFL, there is three facts within this article should you probably should know about. Before we get into the facts, if you would like to support your favourite NFL team and punt on your favourite player, you can do so on these trustly casino betrugstest.


In the Early Years of the Game Many Players Died


Before players wore padding or even leather helmets in the early twentieth century, college and high school competitions appeared to be plagued with sudden deaths. In some cases, people died from head damage, while in others, their backs and internal organs were fractured and crushed. As one of the most egregious offenders, the notorious Flying Wedge move has subsequently been outlawed on all levels. Even the notoriously macho president Teddy Roosevelt convened a meeting of specialists and coaches to evaluate the situation since the violence had become so extreme.


The Merger of Two Leagues Became One


There were no other football leagues in existence until 1960, when the NFL was established with teams. Fourth-generation AFL teams began competing for players and broadcast contracts immediately after their inception in 1996. Even though the danger was significant enough, the two leagues decided to consolidate in 1966, but they continued to function as separate entities until 1970.



Deaf Player Invented the Huddle


Paul D. Hubbard was Gallaudet University’s quarterback during the mid-1890s. For the first time, postsecondary education for the deaf was made available at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C., which was established in 1864. It was during a football game when Hubbard saw a noticeable shift in the focus of everyone on the field. A solution was found by Hubbard. In order to have any kind of discussion about the game, he had his players form a huddle around him, the opposing squad couldn’t observe his hand motions this way because the deaf player way of communicating was through sign language. Since this day, huddles have been the popular throughout NFL.

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