The Rise of e-Sports as A Global Entertainment Option

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The rise of e-sports and the opportunities that this will present to both players, developers, and fans alike is an exciting prospect for anyone interested in sport and its’ development. There is now a whole new genre of sportspeople, advertising opportunities, and sponsorships, as well as high octane entertainment and competition that has been heralded by the rise of e-sports. It is worth being in the know and understanding what the rise of e-sports means for the entertainment sector.

What is e-sport?

The variety will surprise you, and the online games can be anything from online poker and blackjack, similar to what can be played at Spin Palace online casinos, to drone flying and multi-player shooter games. Anything is now watchable depending on who’s playing it. And once our favorite superstars have played, then we all want to play. It is a fans’ dream to be able to watch and play the same sports as their sporting heroes/heroines.

Furthermore, e-sports is argued to be the most interactive and fan-driven side of the video game industry. In 2019 e-sports was beginning to match the revenue generated by the NBA and, as such, was recognized as a serious opportunity for all involved.

The players

For those who play competitive video games and e-sports of any kind, it is a time of wonder, and endless possibility as the potential earnings of a gamer are now being compared to top sports stars and media personalities. Tournament prizes are now considered ‘real money,’ and there is a genuine opportunity to make a living playing computer games. The top Dota 2 player Johan ‘NOtail’ Sundstein has made over $7 million playing a game that many parents may have thought was a waste of time. Yes, the truth is that your reflexes will only last so long, but as with any career in sport, it will be brief and exciting if you have the spirit, dedication, and commitment.

The brands

The ability to advertise to millions of viewers has not been lost in the business world. This has allowed gaming culture to go mainstream to some extent as the merchandise and materials are bought by more than just the die-hard players, but fans and the general public, as well as these gaming brands, gain street cred and status.

The fans

Pre Covid e-sports was filling entire stadiums and making use of huge streaming events to capture the imagination and attention of huge numbers of fans. This is a trend that is likely to continue, and in fact, continued online during this period of social distancing and lessened interaction. For many fans of e-sports, this is the first time that they will feel included in mainstream society as they watch and support those playing the games that they play without feeling introverted and nerdy.

Live entertainment and what we consider to be live entertainment have begun to change as e-sports continues to develop and grow. These changes will mean more for the entertainment sector as we now know it than any we have seen before.

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