How To Make A Pitch Deck For A Nature Vacation Experience

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For most people who are looking to go on a vacation, the most common idea they have is of going out to some nice place that will serve as an abode for them for a few days. This is why countless resorts, beach houses, and even campgrounds are built across the country. However, if you ever feel like stepping up things a bit, you might want to consider having a pitch deck built with the specific purpose of promoting your very own Nature Vacation Experience.

For example, what you do is that you take out an open field or even just some portion of your garden, and then bring in stuff that people usually see when they go on vacation. This means that you will be creating an entire village that serves as your pitch deck.

What is a pitch deck? These are the things that people should expect to find when they are at your pitch deck:

1. A welcoming greeting

Your pitch deck template should start here. This can be a totem pole or a signboard, where you write down the name of your pitch deck and list the activities that people can do there. The idea is to make them feel like they are truly at some resort or beach house.

2. Several cottages

What you want here are cottages that you can rent to people who are visiting your airbnb pitch deck. They should be able to sleep several, and they should even have their beds. You want the place to look like a real resort or something similar.

3. A cafeteria

Here is where you will serve food for people who are staying in your pitch deck. You can choose to have a sit-down restaurant with several waiters, or you can opt for a buffet line.

4. A source of water

People who are at your pitch deck should be able to refresh themselves by taking long sips from this source of water. Think of it as the resort’s pool if you want to give it a more tropical vibe.

5. A comfortable platform

What people are likely to do in your pitch deck is lounge around, so make sure that you have plenty of comfortable platforms for them. Think of this as the beach house’s deck chairs if you want to make things easier on yourself.

6. A sunshade

This should be enough for people who are at your pitch deck to get some shade from the scorching summer sun. It could be a simple tent, or it could even be something similar to an outer space-themed attraction in Disneyland where canopies are built into the ground.

7. A place for kids to play

Who says that kids can’t have their place in your pitch deck? Most pitch deck examples forget to include this, but you should put up some swings or slides for little children.

8. A stage

Your pitch deck should be able to house a stage where people can perform and show off their talents. You can pick from several guitars and microphones, or you could even go the whole nine yards and hire an entire band for people who are looking to jam out during their stay in your pitch deck.

9. A dancing platform

Those who don’t want to practice musical instruments can enjoy grooving to some music when they are at your pitch deck. Just make sure that you have a proper dance floor somewhere around the place so they can bust out some moves.

10. Various playsets

For those who want to do more than just listen, these playsets will be perfect for them since they will let people get up and stretch their limbs while still having fun. Think of these as the beach house’s water sports equipment.

11. A golf course

If you want to really up the ante and show people that they will have a grand time when they are at your pitch deck, then why not look into having a mini-golf course? This will instantly bring in the crowds who want to putt away.

12. A library

How can someone not feel relaxed when they are at your pitch deck if you have a shortcut for them to get back into nature? This is why you should have a library where people can read books that will take them far away from their daily lives.

13. A mini spa

Why not make your pitch deck a place where people can relax? This is why you should have a mini spa right next to the library, so they can just sit around and enjoy an authentic warm stone massage or other types of spa treatments. You can easily hire masseuses and people to offer the treatments for your customers.

14. A training area

If you want to make your pitch deck a place where people can relax, then why not add in some exercise equipment so they can get their heart rate up while still getting away from it all? It could be anything from rowing machines to trampolines. Include some information sheets about physical activities for your guests, which you can conveniently create with Venngage’s poster maker.

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