Proven strategies for playing online Roulette

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Besides entertainment, the main objective of playing an online casino game is to get a reward. You can only achieve the objective if you use tried and tested techniques from professionals. Here, we delve into various strategies that can improve your chances of winning.


Find the best casino

Multiple virtual casinos exist in the market. However, few can offer impeccable services to players. The best casinos offer players multiple bonuses and spins once they make their first deposits. Some mischievous sites may overpromise you as bait to get your money. So, it’s essential to check the terms and conditions of the online casino you’re evaluating.


The best casino should also make fast payouts once a punter wins. So, you should choose a casino with fastest processing time, uses the quickest withdrawal banking technique, and verifies your account promptly. Please learn more here.


Excellent casinos like offer free online roulette for beginners in the industry. Your first step is to open an account and choose the free option.


Creating a 401G Account

Sometimes gambling can get addictive until you use money that you meant for other purposes like rent or food. You can even use the money you had saved up as a cushion in case of an emergency.


401G account is just a bank account that you set aside and use to place funds you mean to use for gambling. The G in 401G stands for gambling. Opening this account means that you can only use this account for gambling, and no matter what happens, you cannot withdraw money from some other place to quench your gambling thirst. 401G account separates your play money from your other funds.


Play within your bankroll

Casinos are some of the few places you find a lot of money going around. This show of money might sometimes pressure some people to spend way more than they can afford. In the long run, they can end up being prosperous and happy, or broke, depressed, and even homeless.


When you go to the casino, you must make sure you spend what you are ready to spare. The casinos are not impressed by people who place bets in thousands. Instead, they view them as prey.


It would be best if you played based on the gambling account that you opened. Make sure you use a rough estimate of 10 percent or less of the money in your account as a session stake.


Look Out for Biased Wheels

A biased wheel is a number or numbers that are hitting out of all proportion to their probability. In today’s era of technology, it’s hard to find a biased wheel. However, here is a tip to the biased wheel.


Check the scoreboard. Do you see any number that has come up twice? If yes, then bet on that number. It may not necessarily be factual, but it will be healthy knowing that the number might be biased.


Don’t Sweat a Loss on a Previously Betted number.

You may have consistently bet on a number for many consecutive spins without a hit. Maybe some evil shield was covering the pocket. Then as soon as you don’t bet on it, pap! The number hits.


Don’t fret. This game is random, and there is genuinely no evil hand or gods at play. The ball and the pocket both have no brains either. So relax and let it pass. Your turn will surely come.


Look for Games with ‘Surrender’ or ‘En Prison’


Surrender and En Prison both accomplish the same thing. In ‘surrender,’ any time the propositions of red/black, odd/even, or high/low hits, it’s only half the bet lost. The other half will come back to you.


The half is the even-money as it pays one-to-one. ‘Surrender,’ in the American game, cuts the house edge by half. You now face a 2.63 percent edge instead of facing a 5.26 percent edge. That’s much better.


‘En Prison,’ cuts the house edge in half but does so in a different fashion. Found in the European Single-zero wheel, ‘En Prison’ locks the even-money bets until the next spin. The locked money happens when the green zero appears and reduces the house edge to 1.35 percent instead of 2.70 percent. Good for you as the player.


The house will sort itself. It always does anyway.

Suppose you get lucky enough to find these options. Please play them!


Play a Single-Zero Wheel Whenever You Can


the single-zero wheel is an easy choice. It has a higher premium bet, like 25 units to 10 units of a double-zero wheel. You would be wise to choose this option.


You are better off with a single-zero wheel with a 2.70 percent house edge over a double-zero with a 5.26 percent house edge. Play the single-zero wheels. They are a safer bet.


Make Your Play Fashion Leisurely


Roulette is a leisure game. From time immemorial, people have played it in a leisurely fashion. Its heritage goes back to when lives depended on the outcome of the game.

Don’t be all rushed and panting as you play Roulette.


Take your time and play it without being harassed, especially if you are the only player playing. Take your time before you get the best out.


Parting short


Roulette is a game that dates back to hundreds or thousands of years. People have employed many methods to beat the competition.  Here, we’ve shared juicy tips and tricks of improving your chances of winning.



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