NBA Hall of Famers: Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James

NBA Steve O Speak

While there is much debate over the greatest NBA players of all time, many individuals don’t think that’s true and have already selected their favourite. Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Stephen Curry may argue that they are the best players in the NBA today and are catching up to Michael Jordan and LeBron James in terms of dominance.


We’ve studied two of the greatest NBA players of all time in this article, which player do you believe is the best to have ever stepped foot on a basketball court?


Throughout the history of the sport, we’ve seen a lot of talented NBA players and we could name them all, we would be honoured too but there is too much skill out there on the basketball court. As a result of its popularity and the level of competition in the league, NBA games are watched by millions of people across the world.


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LeBron James – The 18-year-old LeBron James entered the NBA after graduating from high school and was hailed as the next great Golden Boy to take on Michael Jordan throughout his career.  Throughout his NBA career, James has done some truly incredible things, and he has won honours that no other player in the league has ever gotten.


As the sole survivor of a broken Cleveland Cavaliers squad in 2007, he led them to triumph. He’s beaten two of the league’s most dominant teams in the San Antonio Spurs and the Golden State Warriors. Cleveland had been without a title for 52 years prior to his arrival.


Michael Jordan – It’s safe to say that Michael Jeffrey Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. Nevertheless, many NBA fans disagree, but in my view, I believe he’s the best player in the world. Jordan is a 6-foot-6 juggernaut who has dominated basketball since he first walked onto the floor. His early career was marked by his reputation as a goal-scoring machine, but he was also a brilliant team player who returned to defend most of the time and had more assists than most players throughout the match.



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