Beginner’s Guide To Sports Betting

Steve O Speak

Sports entertainment is a massive industry, which generates billions in revenues each year. The drama, the thriller, and the action that live game promises are unparalleled. However, serious fans of a particular game are very particular about their teams and loyalty. This leads to healthy fan rivalries and high voltage games, which adds to the reach and popularity. 


Another offshoot of sports entertainment is sports betting. People who understand their game inside out love betting on their favorite teams. This has led to a boom in the sports betting industry, with several websites offering online betting services. If you are a newbie to this game, here is a beginner’s guide for you to help you start off well. 


Favorites and Underdogs 

For every bilateral game, there are always two types of teams, one is favorites, and the other is underdogs. Favorites are the ones who seem strong on paper and have a good form going for them. 


On the other hand, underdogs are comparatively weaker and seem to struggle in league games. Oddsmakers for a website crunch every possible data to decide a favorite and an underdog. The underdog has a plus against them, which means you will get a higher value for your bet if they win or lose by a small margin. 


Favorites have a minus sign against them, which means they will return a smaller value for the bet placed. However, favorites are considered to be a safe bet because the risk involved is minimal. 

Be mindful of the spreads 

Spreads are very crucial to understand the winning condition and amount. Spreads denote the win or lose margin for you to win the bet. For example, if underdogs are listed at +7, it means that they must lose the game by 7 points or less for you to win the bet. 


This is the bare minimum winning condition. Similarly, if favorites are listed at -5, they must win the game by at least 5 points for you to win the bet. Therefore, read the spread carefully and see if it fits your betting strategy. 


Read about moneylines 

Moneylines is yet another method to determine underdogs and favorites in a game. Moneylines are based on the winning amount criteria. So, if a team has +200$ written against it, you will win 200$ by betting a hundred bucks. 


This is for the underdogs who have a slim winning chance; hence, the risk involved is less. Similarly, favorites have -200$ written against them. This means that you must bet a minimum of 200 bucks to win back a hundred dollars. Here, the risked amount is higher, but the chances of return are high. 

Read about the withdrawal method

Every betting website has its own withdrawal policies. You must read about their rules and regulations before putting your money in. The transfer method matters because it ensures that you will be given your winning amount. 


Betway withdrawal time India in the case of online payments averages 72 hours. However, bank transfers can take as long as seven days. Therefore, depending on your financial requirements, choose a website that has the most suitable withdrawal method. 



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