Three astonishing facts about NBA that you might not know about!

NBA Steve O Speak

National Basketball Association (NBA) has now been around for more than 71 years and is still going strong. Histories are filled with facts, events, and accolades. Facts about their favourite players or teams are always sought after by fans of the sport.


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There are many interesting facts that you may not be aware of, however within this article we’ve selected the three amazing facts about NBA that you need to know.


Both the shortest and tallest players have played for the same team


5’3 Muggsy Bogues, he is the NBA’s shortest player. In addition to being an outstanding athlete, Muggsy had a reputation for stealing balls from opponents. One time, he went through the legs of a player. In his prime, he was underrated as a shot-blocker.


He is 7′ 7tall “In contrast, is the tallest NBA player. As a shot blocker and rebounder, he was unmatched in the NBA. Three-point shooting was one of his strengths.


They both played for the Washington Bullets in 1987-1988. 


NBA banned the famous Air Jordans sneakers


As of 1985, Air Jordan has been classified as one of the best basketball sneakers of all time. Every year, Air Jordans grew bigger. It was not an easy start, however. When the players were told to wear shoes that matched their uniforms and those of their teammates, they wore mostly white sneakers. Because they matched the Chicago Bull’s uniform, Former Commissioner David Stern didn’t like the early Jordans’ black and red colour scheme.


Did you know? Michael Jordan was fined $5,000 for each game he played wearing these sneakers. Michael Jordan was unconcerned because Nike had paid the entire fine on his behalf. Nike didn’t pay a lot for what they got.


Shaquille O’Neal has only ever made one three-point shot in his career


Shaq is a four-time NBA champion and a 15-time NBA All-Star, making him one of the best players of all time. Except for one, he dominated the game in every way. A total of 22 three-pointers have been attempted by Shaq over the course of his career, but only one has been made. Not easy to imagine a player who had 11,196 buckets in his NBA career but only one 3-pointer.


Magic inbounded the ball on 16 February 1996, and with two seconds left, Shaq hit one of the luxurious bank shots in NBA history.


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