Craps Etiquette Rundown – Do’s and Don’ts

Poker Steve O Speak

If you are new to playing craps at a casino, there are some etiquette rules to bear in mind so you do not make a fool of yourself in front of the other players, or worse cause offence by mentioning the number seven or taking ages to shoot the dice. Whilst the thrill of the game may cause you to sometimes forget some etiquette, following craps etiquette will have you blend in at the table without causing problems for the dealer or other players.

Craps can feel like quite a chaotic game to new players because so much happens on the table. Learning the do’s and don’ts of craps etiquette will make the experience so much more fun as you are less likely to be confused by the actions at the table, heightened by the player’s excitement. Here is a rundown of craps etiquette for players old and new:

Don’t: buy chips when a game is in progress

Never attempt to buy chips while a game is in progress. Buy when the dice are in the middle of the table. If the dice are not on the table it is because a player is ready to shoot the dice, which signals that the game has begun.

Don’t: take too long to shoot the dice

Taking too long to shoot the dice at the craps table is irritating to fellow players and the dealer. If you have a particular routine you follow for good luck before throwing the dice you may need to speed this up or shorten it so the dice are in play. Notice how others are shooting the dice to get an indication of the time frame expectation.

Do: roll the dice down the centre of the table

Dice should be handled with one hand only and be rolled down the centre of the table to bounce off the end wall. If you slam the dice they are likely to bounce off the table which will slow play.

Do: put drinks and purses on the shelf under the table

Do not put anything on top of the craps table. This includes drinks and purses which could get knocked into the play area.  Instead, use the shelf under the table so that nothing can disturb the game.

Do: Avoid the ‘S’ word

Players should never say “seven” at a craps table. This is considered unlucky because most craps players bet the pass line and the bet loses if a seven is rolled.

Do: Place bets swiftly

At a casino craps table think ahead about what bet you want to place so that you set the wager down cleanly in the “come” area of the table closest to you and clearly state the bet to the dealer when the table opens for bets rather than keeping the table waiting whilst you consider your options. When the stickman declares “dice are out” no further bets are accepted.



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