Betting Opportunities Online in 2021

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The new year is here and as it stands many of the big events planned for the year are still scheduled to go ahead – whilst there may be some struggles ahead in the future as certain countries begin to go into lockdown as the pandemic continues to spread, but before then there will be plenty of big betting opportunities to take advantage of for now. Many services are offering much more now too, from online gambling sites that offer tips for winning jackpots to the growing number of betting operators, so there’s plenty of opportunities to win in the new year.

Traditional sports betting – Unlike the start of 2020 with the cancellations and postponements, many of the elite level sporting events round the world have continued to operate without restriction so far other than limited or not fan attendance. Some have voiced concerns, the EFL in the UK for example have already said that it’s almost inevitable that cancellations will come and some others may eventually follow, but for now it seems everything is going ahead as planned. Later in the year there will be some bigger evens too – the Olympics is still set to go ahead later this year from 23rd July through to August 8th although with a warning that there’s no guarantee the games will go ahead, and always provide some great betting opportunities, as well as the Euro 2021 football cup which will certainly bring a lot of excitement again.

Esports betting – Throughout 2020 esports was able to thrive, whilst some offline events did have to be cancelled many of the existing online events continued without disruption and provided a lot of hours of entertainment. There has been a shift lately where although the big  three games within esports continue to provide the bulk of esports betting, there has been some growth in games such as FIFA and NBA that have brought some more familiarity to the space too where those who may have not been typically interested in gaming can turn to these virtual sports instead which have their own individual betting markets that have becoming more popular. Offline events are set to return throughout 2021 with some scheduled as early as February, there’s plenty of entertainment to come. There’s a lot of depth to esports betting and it’s still a very young market, so getting in early can certainly help you get a jump start on it.

Given there’s some uncertainty around some betting options moving throughout the year, it may be best to get involved early to ensure you can have some enjoyment – cancellations may start rolling through and alternatives will need to be found, but until then there’s plenty of time left to enjoy betting!

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