Things to consider when getting a new golf simulator

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Golf simulators cost a significant amount of money much like a down payment on a car or a house—so, before committing to a purchase, you need or may want to consider a variety of factors to ensure your money is well spent and that the simulator is exactly what you need.

This article can help you make the most out of your investment, with some of the factors you should consider.

Do you need one?

Golf simulator cost can vary from $2000 at the lower end to $50,000 at the premium end of the market. They are expensive, there’s no doubt about it.

So, the first questions to find out are for you to know why you want one and if it will be used regularly.

Golf simulators can be great for experienced, regular golfers who are wanting to use ‘big data’ to better understand and improve their golf game. From understanding your golf swing to data on hitting distances, golf simulators can be great tools for you to achieve the marginal gains that can improve performance.

Golf simulators can also be a great vehicle for encouraging new beginner golfers.

As simulators can be based within a home, they provide a stress-free, interactive experience for new people to learn the game.

For families, golf simulators can also be great opportunities for family bonding and family nights in.

You may or may not fit into these criteria, but it is nonetheless important for you to ask yourself why a golf simulator could be useful for your circumstances.

Space at home

Do you have sufficient space within your home or garage to fit a golf simulator? This is a very important aspect as simulators take up a decent amount of space to function.

Firstly, the simulator would need to be in a room where an adult can fully swing the golf club—without breaking anything valuable—and where there is sufficient distance for the ball to travel and hit the net.

Avoid rooms with low ceilings and hanging lights. For a golf simulator to work well at home, you need the right space, otherwise, it will be a waste of money.

Comparing golf simulator specifications

When purchasing a golf simulator, you need to understand the range of specifications that can vary between products.

Some of the cheapest golf simulators have very limited graphic capability and a smaller range of famous golf courses for you to play. Also, cheaper simulators will use less sophisticated launch monitors which produce less robust datasets on your golf swing.

Premium golf simulators tend to include top-quality high-definition graphics while also having interactive capability so that you can play against your friends online.

If you’re simply looking to practice your golf swing, there are simulators available which do not have any visual graphics but simply include a net and a launch monitor.

Some purchasing packages may allow for less sophisticated graphics but a premium range launch monitor—so it is useful for you to research online to see the range of purchasing packages.

What price range of simulator to buy?

As previously mentioned, golf simulators can vary greatly in price and this is an important factor to consider.

Firstly, you’ll have to identify your budget and then work out your golfing needs and how these correspond to the specifications of different golf simulators.

Unless you are an aspiring professional golfer, the majority of those interested in golf simulators will look at the lower to mid-range simulator market which has a price range of $2000 to $10,000.

The difference between lower and mid-range simulators revolve around the visual quality of the simulator screen, the number of available courses, interactive capability and the precision, sophistication and range of data generated by the launch monitor.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, this brief article has given you some insight into some factors you should consider before purchasing a new golf simulator.

The market for golf simulators is vast and increasing as they become ever-more popular. As they are a size-able investment, it is essential you have the right setup within your home and the right motivation to ensure it becomes a great value purchase.



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