How the Development in The Gaming Industry Changed the World

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If you are gaming enthusiastic then you might familiar with the fact how the gaming world has changed in the past few decades. Players used to play their favorite slots machines which were huge boxes found in the land-based casinos and the video games with inferior graphics and low resolution. This would assuredly trigger your nostalgic memories. But let’s fast-forward to the present era where we have modern high-end gaming consoles and the smartphone packed with powerful specifications that get new updates every few years. The new tech development has really changed the gaming industry over the years. However, the rise of the gaming industry is also responsible for changing our lives.


This thing might have been noticed by every gamer or even the person who uses the latest gaming devices. Since the introduction of the first computer, it has been shrinking and becoming a compact. It is being said that the number of transistors on a tiny chip increased double every 2-3 years. So, now the gaming devices, which were used to acquire a dedicated in the home in the past, are replaced by the handy devices. Players don’t need to stick to a certain place to enjoy his/her favorite games. With handy gaming devices (consoles and smartphones) that are encompassed with high-end graphics and powerful CPU, players can play games wherever they are.

Slots: A Huge Change in Gambling

Slots machines are more than a hundred-year-old and initially, they were bulky and flashy boxes that used to be placed at the casinos. Now they have made their virtual presence without opting for any physical space. With the rise of online gambling and the adoption of technology in it, players can enjoy slots online with high-quality graphics and visualization. Modern slots come with a number of themes that are very appealing to the customers. For instance, 888 slots are not only engaging with their amazing graphics and themes, but they also have high RTP. Slots machines were on the verge of extinction at a land-based casino and that’s when online casinos take over the responsibility to offer slots at players’ disposal.


Consoles and PCs replaced the need to go to an arcade to play games, and internet-enabled gamer could play against each other without leaving home. The modern games like CoD, Fortnite, PUBG, and many more online games have built a new era of eSports. Gaming is not just a hobby these days but it has become a profession.

The digital casino games meanwhile continue to evolve and online gambling sites have shown unprecedented growth, with advantages in the number of games and the ease of play. When people are unable to visit land-based casinos to play casino games or bingo evening, the internet is very helpful to gain access to online casinos. With its interactive tool, players can also interact with other people with similar interests.

Extended Graphics

Graphics development has changed the gaming experience drastically. 3D graphic cards were a revolution on its own in the past but the modern graphics have achieved a resolution of up to 8K. These new developments have narrowed down the line between gameplay and reality. Comparing a new game with a 10-year game could be an exaggeration, but we may also see a huge leap of development in the graphics of new updates of the game these days. Along with other genres, online gambling platforms have also made huge progress in it by offering high-quality games with intuitive graphics and visualization.

Mobile and Cloud Gaming

Smartphones are changing every business and the gaming industry is no exception here. Modern smartphones are packed with all the powerful techs that are needed to run advanced games without lagging. The convenience and enriched gaming experience have surely increased mobile game players. Players just need to download the game, and they can run it smoothly. Even online casinos offer mobile-friendly sites and apps so players can bet on sports like NFL and play casino games like slots.

The gameplay of mobile gaming can’t be compared with console gaming but cloud gaming seems the solution for it. Google has come with Google Stadia to offer a number of blockbuster games on the smartphone so, a player doesn’t need any powerful and expensive console to enjoy the games. Well, this tech is still its embryonic stage so there is a lot to see in the future.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

The modern gaming revolution has brought everything to home but still, the fun of playing can be missing and that’s where VR and AR make their presence. VR and AR games are being developed by some renowned tech giants in order to render real-like gaming experience. Pokémon Go is among the popular example of AR games. With the help of headsets and the sensors, players can have an enhanced gaming experience.

Some headsets have built-in ARM processors and have similar performance that is above the capabilities of high-end desktop PCs. VR offers unparalleled immersion, and a realistic three-dimensional world is a whole different level to games and videos. The more innovation in VR is expected as of now it has a limitation of mobility and space.



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