Looking Ahead To The New EPL Football Season

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Football is one of the sports that people love. They either join or watch it. And after months of waiting due to the pandemic, the new EPL football season is finally back. The intense feeling of watching it with a lot of people may not happen anymore. 


However, a lot of fans are looking forward to this with excitement and enthusiasm. The following are things that fans are looking ahead to the new EPL football season.


Will Liverpool Still Be The Champion?

Liverpool won all EPL football seasons since 1990. That is why they were champions for over 30 years now. Therefore, when the new EPL football season was announced, a lot of fans started to become curious if Liverpool will win and beat Everton. And if it happens, that would be an additional year in their league title. It is a very challenging season for both teams.


Will Leicester Make It?

Before the pandemic outbreak, Leicester almost made it to the champions league spot. However, because of their injuries, they were left out by Chelsea and United. Therefore, betting on who will make it has been going on through the best football betting apps from mobilebettingsite.com. A lot of fans have been looking forward to seeing their favorite teams win, alongside winning their bets.


Who Will Make It In The Relegation Battle?

The fans of Watford, Bournemouth, and Aston Villa have been looking forward to who will have a promotion to the championships. Upon hearing the news that EPL is back, their fans have been hoping that they can make it. However, since Aston Villa is one step ahead in the goal against Watford, the question is, will they have equal scores, or will Aston Villa always be ahead?


Will Arsenal Make It Back?

Due to the sudden managerial change in the Arsenal team, there were problems in their performance during the past games. Their performance hit rock bottom. Therefore, fans are curious if they are going to make a breakthrough this season. A lot are wondering if there will no longer be any backlashes and problems, making Arsenal get back on track and perform well.


Will City Join?

The two-year ban for City was due last July. Therefore, EPL fans are wondering if the ban will be upheld. If so, will they make a comeback and impress everyone in this season? 


This is something everyone is excited about. If they will be back, there is a chance for them to be in fifth place, which is not bad after not being able to join for a long time.


Will  Leicester and Wolves Make It Into The Champions League?

The impressive performances of  Leicester and Wolves made a lot curious if this will continue. It is definitely going to be an intense season for both teams. Rodgers is confident that his team can make it to the Champions League. While fans are looking forward to Jamie Vardy, will he continue being the top scorer while Wolves are around the corner, being competitive like ever before. 


How Will It Be With This Pandemic?

There are a lot of things that fans are looking ahead to the New EPL Football Season, which makes it more exciting and intriguing. With the pandemic going on, will this become the new normal for football players and fans? Will the cameramen be able to take all the important things that would happen? These have been bothering the EPL fans. They definitely do not want to miss anything. That is why watching at the stadium is incomparable. 


The following things that fans look forward to shows that despite the pandemic, the excitement of watching their favorite football teams is still the same. Despite the changes, the intensity remains high. Therefore, there have been a lot of questions if teams who were always on top will be beaten by other teams. With the improvements and comebacks from a lot of players, this won’t be impossible.



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