Fire ants- A Huge Problem

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So you are sitting peacefully in your home one day and feel a tingling sensation on your leg. You check and see little unwelcomed guest crawling on your leg. Your body initiates a reflex action and you instantly get rid of it. The next moment you see three or four of the same little unwelcomed guests crawling beside you. That’s when you should really be worrying because they are fire ants. Getting rid of these ants is not possible when it comes to doing it yourself. You require a trained pest control professional to help you deal with this problem. If your property has fallen victim to an attack by fire ants and you are looking for any good pest controllers in Toronto, don’t worry. Power Pest Control Toronto has got it covered all for you. They provide the best pest controlling services.

Why are fire ants a huge problem?

Fire ants have venom inside them. That venom is strong and the area starts to burn when they sting. Elder people can feel the tingling sensation and get rid of the ant quickly but toddlers and young children often fall prey to their bites. The bitten area gets swelled and blisters may appear often, filled with pus. It is indeed a painful sting. In case you are allergic to stings, things get even worse. You can face difficulty while breathing and may also experience swelling of your throat.

These ants can cause electrical malfunctions in your house because some of their species are attracted to electrical appliances such as AC. If an ant gets into an electrical device and dies with a shock, it releases a pheromone that attracts more ants. Soon you’ll be seeing a huge number of them swarming in your electrical appliance.

What attracts them?


These pests are attracted by many things. If we can find the source through which they are coming from or being attracted to, we may stop this ourselves. They are generally attracted to garbage. If you leave any dirty baskets in your toilet or kitchen for days, there is a high chance that the fire ants might be on their way. It’s essential that you keep your house clean and dispose of the garbage regularly.


All species of ants are attracted to food. If you have any pet food stored outside, make sure its properly covered and sealed. Food in the kitchen should also be covered properly and no food should be left outside overnight.

Moisture issues and high humidity

Most pests are attracted to high humidity levels. Make sure the humidity level of your home stays in limits. Fire ants do not require a lot of soil. They just need a certain level of moisture to survive. They sometimes end up colonizing in toilet roofs and wall voids. You should repair any leaks in your home and keep the exhaust fan of your toilet always on. In this way, you ensure that the maximum is done by your side to keep these pests away.

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