7 Great Reasons You Should Follow Horse Racing

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The prime time sports receive the bulk of our attention, but as any sports fan knows, there’s more to this world than just the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL. And just because the other sports may not be as visible in the media or discussed as widely at the office water-cooler, that doesn’t automatically mean that they’re not worth engaging with. Far from it. There are some “fringe” sports that can excite and delight just as much as the Superbowl. It’s just that you have to actively seek them out, since they may not come up on your radar otherwise.

Take horse racing. Everyone’s familiar with the concept of this sport, but most don’t pay it all that much attention until they actively support it, and realize that this is a sport that’s worth following. In this article, we’re going to take a look at seven great reasons why you may just choose horse racing as your new sport of choice.


It’s Historical

When we say that horse racing is historical, we mean it. It dates back all the way to 4500 BC when nomadic tribes would race their newly domesticated horses for sport. In the following centuries, horse racing developed into the sport of choice of royalty from all across the world. And in the US? Well, it’s been a sport since before America was America: the first track has been traced back to 1665 in Long Island.

Over the past century and a half, illustrious races such as the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes — which collectively form the Triple Crown of horse races — have delighted millions of attendees and made icons of horses such as Secretariat, Affirmed, and American Pharaoh. When you follow horse racing, you’re not only supporting a sport that still provides many exciting and iconic moments; you’re taking part in history. Indeed, you may be there to watch a historic moment unfold right before your eyes.


The Excitement Factor

History is all well and good, but that won’t be enough to hold your interest on a long-term basis. But horse racing has more than history on its side. It can be exceptionally exciting. Like all races, there’s never a clear winner before or even during the race. It can all change in an instant. During a single race, you’ll typically see the holder of the lead change multiple times. Horses who seemed to have been sewn up victory in the early stages can fade away when it comes to the final hurdles. And horses who appeared to be out for nothing more than a pleasant ride will suddenly switch gears and romp to victory. In some sports, you can predict the winner early on, or even before in some cases. Horse racing is not like that. You just don’t know what’s going to happen.


It’s Accessible

The simplicity of horse racing means that anyone can watch a race and understand what’s going on. In this day and age, you’ll find plenty of horse races shown on television or streamed online. In most cases, there’ll be something every day. Unlike other sports, which require you to know the sometimes complicated rules before enjoyment can set in, horse racing can be fun even if you’ve never seen a race before. Indeed, it’s the accessibility of the sport that makes it so popular.


And You Can Go Deeper

However, while horse racing is a relatively straightforward sport to understand, you can also appreciate it on a deeper level. Once you know the basics, read up on expert tips that’ll make watching the sport even more enjoyable and experiment with betting to see if you’re able to identify the winner. You’ll find that while horse racing is enjoyable as a first-timer, it becomes even more exciting once you’re well-informed — and that this level of excitement and interest sticks with you for as long as you follow the sport.


It’s a Social Occasion

Who needs to visit the bar when you’ve got horse racing? People primarily visit the track on race day to see which horses will claim glory, but the secondary motivation is that it provides an excellent day out with friends too. There aren’t too many sporting events that invite you to dress your best and have an entire day’s worth of fun while you watch the action, but that’s just what horse racing provides. To enjoy the glamor of horse racing to the max, plan a trip to one of America’s most glamorous tracks — Belmont Park, Santa Anita, and Churchill Downs are all dripping in elegance and sophistication.


There’s a Lot Of It

If you’re a sports fanatic, then you’ll know the frustration of having to wait for days before you can watch another game. You may only see your NFL team play once a week, and that’s only during the 17-week season. Horse racing is different. There are races every day, so you can always get your fill of the action. There are more than 75 horse race tracks across the United States, with around half of them operating each day. Since these tracks host approximately ten races each time they open, that’s around 500 races a day. Of course, it’s not feasible that you could see horse racing in person each day, but the leading sports broadcasters screen many on television, and you can always follow the results online.


Human Values 

The horse is the star of the horse racing show, of course, but the core of racing is very human. When we watch a horse romp to glory, we’re not witnessing the triumph of horse values (that we know of). It’s human values that come out on top. You can’t win any horse race, not least a major horse race such as the Kentucky Derby, without a lot of hard work, persistence, and patience. The major horse races will be the career peak for the horse, the owner, the trainer, and the jockey. You’ll be watching the cumulative efforts of a team of people (and one horse) unfold right before your eyes — and there’s something pretty darn captivating about that fact.



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