Will Sports Leagues Returns Amid Coronavirus Scare?

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The Coronavirus Pandemic has changed sports as you know it. Most sports leagues have been shut down due to the ongoing pandemic. Fans are eager to watch their favorite sports again but this may not be possible. Since the Coronavirus infection numbers are climbing higher, some fans are worried that their favorite sport will not return for the season. Is this going to happen? Will sports leagues return to empty stadiums or will they wait until the Coronavirus has passed? Below, you will learn more about the ways Coronavirus has impacted sports leagues far and wide.


The Ultimate Fighting Championship


The UFC is one of the few organizations that has consistently fought against the Coronavirus. While other leagues shut down promptly, the Ultimate Fighting Championship was hesitant to do so. The league continues putting on events until it was forced to stop. It held one event in Brazil in an empty arena. It is no surprise that the organization was one of the first to return to the limelight. The UFC has held multiple events since the Coronavirus pandemic forced it to shut down earlier this year.


However, UFC president Dana White is aware of the fact that another shutdown might come in the future. He claims that the company has plans for it. Despite it all, the UFC has one of the few sports organizations that tried to fight back against the Coronavirus. After widespread criticism, it was forced to shut down and move on.




The National Hockey League was on the verge of completing its regular season before the Coronavirus became a big story. Fans were playing baccarat and wagering money on which team they thought would win the Stanley Cup. Then, the Coronavirus forced the league to stop play. Today, the National Hockey League is in talks to resume the season with a shorter version of its Stanley Cup playoffs. However, it has hit numerous hurdles and some argue that the playoffs will never happen. This week, it was announced that 11 of 200 NHL players who were tested ended up testing positive for COVID-19.


This could put a damper on the league’s ability to return to play. There is a risk that the league will experience more positive tests and that will prevent them from resuming play. An anonymous player came out to say that there is “no way we play” admin increase in COVID-19 positive tests. It should also be mentioned that the Tampa Bay Lightning was forced to shut down its training camp due to COVID. So, the league may have to gamble if they want to return to action.




The National Football League has been eager to start its next season. However, many are worried that the season will be delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This week, it was announced that approximately 10 teams are dealing with COVID-19 cases. The league is optimistic that it will be able to hold a season this year but many are not. The virtual offseason is expected to end on June 26 with training camps starting in July. However, a handful of players from various teams have tested positive for the Coronavirus with one positive test coming from Ezekiel Elliott of the Dallas Cowboys.

The NFL and NFL Players’ Association released a joint statement alongside new protocols for the upcoming season. So, fans may experience a different NFL season this time around. Stadiums may only be able to hold up to 50% capacity and that could put a damper on the league’s season.


Russian Soccer


On Wednesday, it was announced that six players from FC Rostov tested positive for COVID-19. The team which is a part of the Russian Premier League required players and their teammates to self-isolate at home. Then, teenage replacements played with the team and ended up losing 10 to 1. Rostov was pushing for a Champions League berth and that loss ended their chances. Sports leagues in the United States are worried that something similar could happen on home soil. The NBA is scheduled to restart games at the Walt Disney Complex in Orlando.


However, it may have to question that decision. Many players have decided to sit out and not play. Then, the league will have to worry about experiencing a problem similar to that that FC Rostov faced in Russia.

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