Pro Tips to Enhance Your Golf Swing

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Whether you want to impress a boss or take your game to the professional league, making sure your golfing skills are up to par is a must. The green field is hard to conquer, especially for beginners. There are a lot of factors that go into improving your golf swing, and they’re all important. If you’ve been golfing for a while, you may find that it’s even harder to unlearn bad habits and learn new ones. We’ve made this brief guide to help beginners and pros make sure that they understand the dynamics behind golf swings and how it can be improved.


Golf Grip

Your grip on the golf club is one of the most important factors that affect the outcome of your shot. It’s not only about striking hard, but also accurately. The impact of the club on the ball is influenced by how you hold the club. Make sure your right hand is latched strongly at the top of the club and your left should be coming in from the side to balance it. This is even more important when you’re hitting a draw. According to the pro-draw-hitting tips at, the extra pressure will help roll the ball over on impact. Make sure not to weaken your left hand’s strength when you’re applying pressure with your right hand. Your left hand’s fingers should be looking towards the ground. All your right hand’s fingers should be securing the top of the golf club.

Golf Stance

Your stance and posture are important determinants that affect the outcome of any shot. This is one of the hardest habits to unlearn if you’ve learned incorrectly; it will take more time and practice. A balanced position can only be achieved with a proper stance. You should be able to rotate and stay balanced for any shot if you nail down your posture. Let your arm hang below the shoulder and make sure that the bulk of your mass is felt through the midsection of your feet.


Use Your Core for Power

Many beginners are under the wrong impression of what actually creates the power needed to swing the club. The power to strike a golf club is in the body and not in the arms, even though it’s tempting to think otherwise. To practice it, first, put the club behind the ball slowly with your body in a freeze-frame position before taking any swings. Without taking a swing to try your best to drag the ball in the air with your club. This will be hard at first if you’re used to using your arms and hands to swing the club fully, but keep practicing it long enough. Once you start learning the proper technique, you’ll find that you can get consistent results with your shots.


Pinpoint Impact Location

Where the iron and the ball meet is a very vital aspect of your swing. A lot of golfers, beginners or pros, may not have any information on where exactly they’re making an impact on their club. It’s recommended by experts to use a dry erase marker that allows you to know where exactly you’re hitting the club.



Similar to jazz music, golf swings are highly dependent on the tempo. Controlling your timing and maintaining it at a similar pace every time can make your swing amazing. The exact time it takes for your swing to reach the ball should be tuned to a perfect rate. It’s recommended to work with rhythm as you practice to strengthen your motor coordination. Look for a rhythm that you are comfortable with and can follow then make sure to repeat it every swing to perfect your shot.


Solid Head and Weight

The more variables at play, the more errors you produce. A lot of people move their heads when they’re swinging and it actually has a negative impact on their swings. Make sure your body is still to leave room for no errors. One of the best ways to ensure that your swing gets across exactly as you tend it to be centering your weight at the base. Ensure that the weight of your body is balanced throughout the whole swing from beginning to end. This will also help you make sure that your body doesn’t end up making a lot of unnecessary movements.

Just like anything, becoming good at golf requires a lot of practice. Don’t be intimidated if you find yourself unable to get it right at first. Trial and error are to be practiced when you’re working on your golf swing. Always make sure that you’re putting effort into the right technique.



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