How to stay safe when playing casino games?

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How to not be fooled in casino

Online and land-based casinos are notoriously friendly places, like those operating them go to great lengths to make players feel welcomed. What you see is rarely what you get, but in most cases, players end up gambling at law-abiding operators that offer a secure gaming environment. This is the kind of experience that can be expected if you play online at or other licensed and regulated operators. There are, however, plenty of things that can go wrong for amateurs who don’t know where to start or what to expect from Internet gambling.

A little research goes a long way

Most of the inherent problems encountered by online gamblers are entirely preventable. The first thing to do in order to avoid being fooled in casinos is a little research about your casino of choice. Reading a few reviews written by the critics, as well as fellow players, will bring you up to speed with the pros and cons. This is a much better alternative to learning from your own mistakes, which is a more expensive path to take. Once you determine where to play, the next step is choosing one of the payment methods available.


There are many instances where players discover that the banking options available are either expensive or slow. Some casinos charge a fee or commission for deposits or withdrawals, while others require a long time to process cashouts. Luckily, these are the exception to the rules, and in most cases, players will be paid on time and in full, without being charged a fee. Legitimate casinos have a page dedicated to payment methods where all the relevant information is displayed.

Choose fair games with a high RTP

Sometimes players are fooled by the casino through omission, rather than active actions. Each game has an average return to player, which indicates the percentage at which punters are paid back. The difference represents the house edge, so players should naturally choose games that decrease this number as much as possible. Software developers and the casinos offering their games make it possible for players to compare the RTP of their games so that they can make an educated decision.


Respectable casinos frequently work with independent auditors who analyze their games to make sure they don’t give the house an unfair advantage. The seal of approval from these auditors can be seen at the bottom of their websites, which certifies the fairness of the games. Casinos accepting cryptocurrencies are even better in this regard, as they offer provably fair games. This allows players to test the outcome of the game after each round, and see for themselves how the algorithms randomly predict the outcome.

Gamble moderately and exercise discipline

An online casino can be extremely entertaining, and that’s precisely what casinos count on. They know that players are easily amused, and in the right context, they can end up gambling significantly longer and larger amounts than intended. No matter how fun the games and how generous the bonuses, players should exercise moderation when gambling over the Internet. Long gaming sessions are not recommended, as fatigue inevitably leads to a drop in concentration, which favors mistakes.


Certain games, such as slots and scratch cards, rely exclusively on luck, but other games reward experience and perseverance. Skill games, such as table games can also be played against real dealers, to circumvent the random number generator completely. Learning the game mechanics and testing them in the sandbox environment of play money gaming is recommended for newcomers. Players can further enhance their odds of winning by learning betting strategies and exercising flawless bankroll management.


At the end of the day, there are many things to do to avoid being fooled in land-based and online casinos. A little bit of research, doubled by good bankroll management and discipline is guaranteed to make gambling fun, while greatly reducing the risks.

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