Search For New Managers Begins For The 2019 Game Season

MLB Steve O Speak

As the 2019 Game Season begins, many teams are now looking for new managers. This is the busiest time of the year for managers as they have to manage the schedules, ensure players are available and in shape and coordinate other things as well. As the game season is just around the corner, teams are extending their search to find a manager that can best fulfill their needs. Visit NV Sports Betting to find the latest updates in this regard. However, so far this is the current scenario of the teams:

The Angels: Brad Ausmus had been managing The Angels for quite some time. However, the ending of the last season also marked the end of their partnership. However, The Angels have found a new manager Joe Maddon and a three-year deal has been signed between the two stakeholders.

The Giants: Bochy was a great manager that had been with The Giants. He announced his retirement at the age of 64 and thus left The Giants looking for a new manager. Rumors are that The Giants are looking at nearly six potential candidates for the job. Moreover, the ex-skipper Gabe Kapler is also on the list of people The Giant is interested in hiring as their manager. However, it is being reported that if Gabe Kapler is hired, this would only be a short term decision for the season of 2020.

Royals: Royals too had a 64 years old manager Ned Yost whose retirement was announced earlier this year. The partnership between Ned Yost and Kansas City Royals proved to be extremely beneficial as the team made it to the 2015 World Series Title. The team Royals is mostly interested in approaching Mike Matheny as a replacement for Yost.

The Clubs: Joe Maddon bid his farewell to The Clubs and as discussed earlier joined The Angels for a three year tenure. This left The Clubs looking for a new manager. Luckily for them many big names such as Joe Girardi and David Ross are interested in the post. The ex-Phillies manager Gabe Kapler and Astros bench coach Joe Espanadas will be conducting interviews for the new manager in the coming week.

The Mets: The Mets announced that this will be the last year of their partnership with Mickey Callaway as their manager. This partnership lasted for two years during which Callaway went 163-161. However, The Mets are now in search of a new manager and some of the potential candidates that they can in mind for the place include Joe Girardi.

The Pirates: The separation between The Pirates and Clint Hurdle was nothing less than a surprise. The manager was assured of his return for the year and his dismissal came as a surprise not only for Clint himself but for also the fans of the team. Some of the people who have been found interested in claiming the position as the manager for The Pirates include the ex-catcher Jason Kendall and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazetten Jason Mackey.



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