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It’s not a secret that currently, rugby is considered one of the fastest growing youth sports in the US. That being the case, lots of young high school rugby players consider this game an excellent opportunity to get to college. Indeed, rugby has long become the card many applicants play when enrolling in a college. A good number of colleges and other educational institutions are happy to have skillful rugby players as part of their team. Therefore, they offer numerous benefits, including scholarships, to those whose playing impresses college coaches.

Where to Start?

It’s about time you started applying to the college of your dream, where your skills will be valued and appreciated. A good way to start is to contact your school coaches and ask them for directions. The truth is that many school coaches maintain contacts with college and university coaches. Therefore, they can give you useful recommendations or contact necessary people on your behalf.

Presently, it’s easier than ever before to advertise your skills and attract attention of coaches from the most prestigious educational institutions, even if they haven’t attended any of your games in person. We suggest that you create an account at RugbyRecruit, the social media platform that helps promising rugby players get noticed and get into the college of your choice. We strongly recommend that you create your rugby resume and upload it to your profile. Make sure to highlight your skills and achievements in your resume, since it’s the first thing potential recruiters pay their attention to when selecting players for college teams. Note that the summary of your capabilities should be succinct and easily accessible.

  • Useful tip. There are lots of students who dread the very idea of creating resumes. This time-consuming and mentally excruciating process requires some particular skills not all students possess. Fortunately, there are professional writing services, such as edusson, that help me write my essay and can surely assist you in writing your resume. Moreover, once you become a happy freshman, you’ll be able to order high-quality essays and other types of academic papers from or any other online writing service of your choice. So, if you need help with your rugby resume, you know where to find it.

How to Become a Successful Rugby Player in College?

If you intend to compete at the highest possible level, establish enviable connections, and open new career opportunities that weren’t available before, collegiate rugby is exactly what you need. If you have explored available options, you must know that presently, promising collegiate rugby players have plenty of opportunities to find the best college that can meet their academic and rugby needs.

There’s a common misconception that may they colleges admit even athletes based exclusively on their potential in sports, not on their academic aptitude. Though athletes are really more likely to underperform compared to their non-athlete counterparts, it doesn’t mean that you can ignore studying and focus solely on sharpening your athletic skills and winning trophies. So, if you think that your college will turn a blind eye to your academic failures only because you bring laurels to them. Presently, a vast majority of institutions look for good athletes who will perform well in the classroom and add to the campus community through participation in sports. Most young athletes learn time management skills that will come in handy when they get into college. Rugby players also learn to fit practice, extra-curricular activities, classes, and part-time work into their busy schedules. So, if you want to be successful at college, be prepared to multitask.

More useful tips to consider

  • Team work. Though cultivating individuality within oneself is always welcomed, you should remember that playing in a college rugby team requires complying with your team needs, even if you don’t feel like doing it. You don’t necessarily need to like each player in your team. Nonetheless, you should do your best to maintain healthy relationship within your team. It’s also a noteworthy fact that rugby guys are team players not only on the pitch, but also in the classroom. So, the onus is on you to prove that you can be good at working with your partners during lab sessions, workshops, and group seminars.
  • Maintain healthy habits. Apart from daily trainings and workouts, you should be mindful of your body’s other needs such as enough sleep, staying hydrated, and getting enough healthy and nutritious food.
  • Per aspera ad astra. Or, in other words, there’s no gain without pain. It’s a common knowledge that achievements and trophies are a reward for your hard work, diligence, and perseverance. You first months at college may become a rough patch you will need to go through to get stronger, smarter, and tougher. The best cure for depression and frustration is to stick with your favorite sport, acquire new knowledge, and constantly polish you skills.


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