Three Thrilling Days Out to Plan for 2019

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We’re entering 2019 – a year of new possibilities and the promise of new experiences, friendships and all forms of fun. So what better way to look forward to the year than planning how you’ll be able to have fun with your friends throughout the year. This article focuses specifically on those exciting activities that get the pulse going and the excitement reaching fever pitch, days out that are sure to live long in the memory, if planned right.


Camping Trip


Spontaneous camping trips can often end in disaster. It’s well-planned excursions in the wilderness that are the ones that you’ll look back on with a warm feeling of intermingled adventure and comfort. As long as you’ve got some hiking boots, outdoor clothing, a tent and a backpack, you’re good to go on your very own camping trip.


The best place to go for this thrilling day out is into the wilderness of Scotland. Here, it’s legal to camp anywhere which isn’t private land, giving you acres upon acres of options. Consult a map with friends, book yourself onto a train, and set out into the wild to discover your inner cave (wo)man. Once your walk is over, and you’ve found the ideal campaign spot, relax with a fire and some music to feel at one with nature in a uniquely beguiling way.


The Races


Everyone should go the races at least once in their lives; it’s incredibly fun, and the perfect excuse to get dressed up and feel the thrill as each stampeding race rushes by. There’s champagne on ice if that fits your idea of a good time, or else there will be picnics and banquets to enjoy depending on your budget.


The important thing with the races, which are incredibly popular, from Cheltenham through to Royal Ascot and the Grand National, is to organise yourself nice and early. Get your gang together and book your tickets. Get yourself an account on Unibet Horse Betting so you can put some money on your favourite horse names ahead of time, giving you that extra thrill whenever the starter pistol goes.


Sky Diving


It would seem downright inappropriate to list thrill-seekers’ days out without mentioning skydives! In fashion for a few years now as prices come down and safety increases to a point at which you can be certain you’re going to enjoy yourself, you could either plan a sponsored skydive for the charity of your choice or book yourself in to hurtle towards the ground from a few thousand feet.


Either way, you’ll be in for one of the most thrilling experiences the world has to offer, something you’ll dread and look forward to in equal measure as we move through 2019. You’ll be tandem with an instructor, so there’s little learning involved, but you’ll be able to take a friend who’ll jump from the same plane as you. You can even hire a photographer or videographer to record your rapid descent.



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