Getting Ready For a Tennis Match

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Tennis is a game that continues to gain worldwide recognition. Various tennis open tournaments are taking place around the globe with huge prizes in contention for the winners. If you have a tennis match, it follows that there would be huge pressure on your shoulders to win. Regardless of whether you are playing a “normal” tennis match or you are playing for the tournament, you should take some time to prepare yourself both physically and mentally before the game.


This article takes you through the basics of getting ready for a tennis match.

1.Remain Confident with your Qualities

Before heading into a tennis court for a match, take time to remind yourself of the qualities that you have. This will help you to prepare mentally, technically and tactically in all aspects of the game. Focus on the areas that you know you are good.

It is never the right time to criticize or punish yourself just before a tennis match. Instead, take the opportunity to build your confidence. Visit sites such as TR Central where you will find tips on how to prepare yourself for a tennis match amongst other useful resources.

2.Focus on Playing Tennis Only

When preparing for a tennis match, focus on building your game and sticking to it. It is possible that during the match that the opponent will try to drag you into his game and preferred style of play. If you fall into the trap, you may end up losing not because you were bad but because you did not focus on your type of play. Tennis is a game of mind games, stick to your style of play.

3.Capitalize on the Weaknesses of your Opponent

If you are going to play against a familiar opponent, capitalize on his weaknesses. Take some time to study his previous games while analyzing his moves and he copes with the game when under pressure. These weaknesses can come from anywhere ranging from volleys, backwards and forward movements. Knowing the weaknesses of your opponents and capitalizing on them will give you an upper hand during the actual tennis match.

4.Do not let it get to your head

While it is true that lack of confidence will pull you down, being overconfident will not help the situation as well. Regardless of how good you are or how good your peers/fans believe you are, do not let that get to your head. Do not undermine your opponent and maintain a professional approach throughout the match.

Other factors to keep in mind before and during the game include putting pressure on your opponent and never give up. Tennis is a game that can go either way so it is never over until it is.


Tennis is a famous sport. In that case, whether you are playing a normal much or for the tournament, you will always be under pressure to win. It is, therefore, necessary to prepare yourself mentally, physically, tactically and technically before the game to stand any chance of winning. Remember to keep the pressure on your opponent and never give up.



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