10 Most Popular Sports Americans Love

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Interested about the list containing the most popular and commercially successful games that are played at the heart of America? Well, here’s your chance.

Based on the most surfed websites in America, we have come up with the top 10 most popular games in America. And if you wish to bet on these games then must go through some online casino page.

In Number 10 Comes Badminton:

It happens to be a game with lots of vigor and class and the Americans simply love the game. As the game is very simple in its structure and can be played at any place, at the institutions or at the residential areas, people simply love playing it.

In Number 9 Comes Motor racing Sports:

Both motorcycle racing and auto car racing are the major attractions in America. Americans love car and these two sports are about the vehicles only. NASCAR, which happens to be the most notable organization in USA, arranges the races in America. After football, the game that the Americans watch most is this one.

In Number 8 comes Wrestling.

Professional wrestling matches are the perfect places of crowd in America. Be it the WWE or the kickboxing and wrestling, people of America simply loves these matches and take Undertaker, John Cena or The Rock as their idols.

Golf Comes in Number 7.

This game happens to be the one played by some of the most notable people of America. Everybody is aware of the name of Tiger Woods, the famous golfer now. His fame has spread all over the world.

Tennis is on the 6th rank

This happens to be other most popular games in America. Among the men as well as the women, Tennis is a game that enjoys the popularity of both. American tennis has witnessed the birth of some of the most notable tennis stars of the modern time, Venus Williams, Serena Williams, Andy Roddick and many others. The records that they are holding at the moment, truly glorify America as a sports loving country.

In Number 5 Comes Soccer.

Taking place at the fifth place, soccer happens to be one of the most notable games popular in America. Soccer may not be as popular as the other forms of games, such as basketball, baseball or football or even ice hockey, but from that one should not come to the conclusion that it has less viewership. The number of soccer fans is still quite high.

Ice Hockey takes the 4th Place.

Being the 4th most popular game in America, ice hockey is called as hockey only. Especially in the Northern part of America, the popularity of this sort of hockey is the highest. The National Hockey League is there which has large number of followers and supporters. With long record for success and achievements, hockey takes the popularity at a great rush.

Basketball Comes at the Third

Presently basketball takes the third position. Among the top 3 games that are most popular in America, basketball happens to be on the third position. More than 14000 attendance is recorded every match of basketball organized by NBA. Almost everybody in America loves to see this sport and enjoy the time.

Baseball takes the second rank.

As the National pastime of United State baseball has wide repetition. In United States, 2 levels are maintained for baseball games, one being of the minor League and the other being major League. The game has its popularity all over the world and not just in USA.

The first place is taken by American football

Taking the 9th place as the most popular sport in the world, American football takes the first place in America. The NFL the National Football League holds the competitions, the biggest ones, America. People here do not only centre around the football matches when they are at their homes, but also that they love to visit the stadium and enjoy the game to the fullest extent.



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