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By Edwin Smith:

When it comes to College Football, one does usually think about the enormous amount of revenue generated, or what’s being done with it. Most athletes as well as the general public are, however, somewhat familiar with the governing body of College sports, the National Collegiate Athletic Association. This association is made up of several different conferences, and the conferences are in turn made up of several different schools.

Ticket sales, vending, Media rights, and advertising are all part of generating income for the individual conferences. One example to look at would be the South Eastern Conference, SEC. They have consistently been at the top in revenue distribution among its member colleges. For fiscal year 20014, this amount was in excess of $292.8 Million Dollars. Media contracts such as, the $55 Million a year for 15 years with CBS, and the record $2.25 Billion over 15 years contract with ESPN, accounts for their superior financial standing. This partnership with ESPN has allowed the SEC to launch their very own Broadcasting Network, the SEC Network. The conference will now be able to use Multiform-television with digital platform to promote, exclusively, their collages sporting events. As a result of this new Network, it has given rise to new celebrity reporters and broadcasters.

One of the most popular is the talented Kaylee Hartung. She has done work with the Longhorn Network and CBS News as well; she is one to keep an eye on alright. The SEC does much more than generate money. They are responsible for many other important administrative tasks as well as the health and well being of their students and athletes. They, alone with NCAA help to regulate all college sports. Making and enforcing the rules of the game is one such example.

Safety is also a major priority for any sport and for the fans also. They may impose fines, disqualify, or expel, or ban. In a recent report according to the SEC is considering increasing fines on Schools whose fans rush the field or court right after a game. This is a good example of their concern for safety. Football and Basketball of course have the greatest number of fans, but there are lots of different sports they must deal with. Baseball, Track and field, Gymnastics, Golf, Rowing, Lacrosse, and the list goes on, are just some these. Established in 1932 and now headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama the SEC now has 14 chartered member institutions in 11 different States. Wherever you find success, you will always find critics as well. But, the SEC and the NCAA serve a valuable and necessary service to all of Collegiate Sports. The Schools and Athletes who compete need these services to function effectively.

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