Shanahan Making Correct Call with Beck and Grossman

Steve O Speak

A Guest blog By John Manuel 

Almost all the talk during this training camp will be about either John Beck or Rex Grossman quarterbacking the 2011 Redskins. Mike Shanahan has been the brunt of the national media’s jokes concerning his backing of John Beck as his quarterback. Everyone is getting their snide remarks towards Beck on NFL Network in now before we can see what he has. My opinion is simple, this could be a disaster. It could be ugly if Beck is given first shot. Grossman played fine last year at the end of the season and the offense seemed to move smoother than it was before the change. The turnover machine probably can’t be removed from Rex, but he may be the best option. But I am willing to chance it.

Everyone is down on Mike Shanahan for not having a legitimate quarterback of the future already on the roster. Those people are freaking out too quickly and are in the Snyder/Cerrato must do something now mode. I see what Shanny and Allen are doing and I like it. Not making another crazy trade or drafting a QB last draft to me made lots of sense. He let a lot of other teams grab questionable future signal callers like Andy Dalton and Christian Ponder. Next year’s class looks to be better already. Andrew Luck grades out as well as Peyton Manning to many. Landry Jones and Matt Barkley come for successful programs with much needed big game experience. By waiting another year the potential to grab a better QB in the draft increases just by the elimination the past draft caused. Here is how it breaks down:

I believe you can eliminate 21 of the 32 NFL teams from looking for a 2012 quarterback unless a major catastrophe happens (ex. Vick back to jail.) Either they have a Brady, Brees or Manning or have recently invested in a young QB and are dead set on giving them a chance. So even if one of these 21 teams gets the #1 next draft, they would probably look to trade the pick or be forced to trade their current QB adding another option. I think there are four teams that right now don’t think they have their quarterback of the future on their roster. These are the Redskins, Bills, Dolphins and Raiders. Maybe Henne, Fitzpatrick, or Campbell blow up or Orton is traded to Miami or Thigpen comes out of nowhere. But we should root for these three teams to do well this season to stay away from the #1 pick.

Three teams have invested in QB’s but if they were in a position to grab one high in the draft might do so. Seattle, San Fran and Cleveland fit this situation. Maybe Seattle should actually be in the first category with Tavaris and Whitehurst but it looks like they are going to give them a chance. The Niners took Kaepernick high in the 2nd but Harbaugh knows Luck and if he is close to the #1 pick may pull the trigger. Doubt he would grab another QB in the 2012 draft other than Luck. Cleveland has Colt McCoy but doesn’t have a whole lot invested in him. Skins fans root for Colt to have a big year and be proclaimed the QB of their future.

Finally, you have the teams that look to be set at quarterback but things could change over the course of a season. First we have the Bears. I don’t know what was worse for Cutler this off-season, dealing with the questions about his heart or the Cavalleri breakup. He still looks to be in good shape in Chi-Town but if he struggles badly they may end it after the season. This could end up with Cutler back with Shanahan if the Skins chose that route. Think we should hope for Cutler to be solid and keep his job though. Cincy took Andy Dalton in the second round like the Niners did with Kaepernick. Difference here is that Cincy’s Mike Brown probably wouldn’t grab another QB when he has invested in Dalton already. Plus, this brings up a good point. If Carson Palmer ends his retirement and is eventually traded it would most likely eliminate another team.
Denver is the wildcard. John Elway didn’t draft Tim Tebow or trade for Kyle Orton. So they could wash themselves of all their quarterbacks and start over for sure. My feeling is Tebow will be fine once he gets the full time job and they won’t be player’s next draft. To be safe, root for Tebow and the Broncos to have a bounce back season and get to 8-8 and the middle of the first round to be safe. Final team is the Kansas City Chiefs. Matt Cassel was very good last year but still not convinced he is the long term guy for them and a bad season could make them look. Would give this a low chance but it’s there and teams like KC who came out of nowhere to make the playoffs usually get the harder schedule the following year and fall back.

As a Skins fan I think you should root for the Colt McCoy, old friend Jason Campbell, Jay Cutler, whoever QB’s in Seattle, the 49ers, Tim Tebow, Chad Henne, and the Buffalo Bills not to have the worst record in the NFL. Here is a rundown of the other 21 barring a career ending injury:

Dallas- Romo is set
NY Giants- Manning would have to be horrible
Philly- Vick is set

New Orleans- Brees set
Atlanta- Ryan set
Tampa- Freeman set
Carolina- spent #1 pick on Cash Cam

Green Bay- Rodgers set
Minnesota- Ponder drafted too high to take another QB again, unless Matt Millen gets GM job
Detroit- Too much invested in Stafford, only injuries have held him back

Arizona- Kolb trade
St Louis- Bradford set

New England- Brady set
NY Jets- Sanchez would really have to suck

Baltimore- Flacco would have to be horrible to make move
Pittsburgh- Big Ben is married now, it’s on his wife now to control him

Indy- Manning set
Tennessee- Drafted Locker high
Houston- Schaub pretty set
Jacksonville- Drafted Gabbert

San Diego- Rivers set

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