Lockout, Lockout, Lockout

Steve O Speak

By Guest Blogger Tyler Daly:

Is anyone else sick of hearing that word? This summer it has been said so many times and talked about for hours upon hours; it has become a virtual curse word in the world of sports.

Apparently it’s not enough that we have suffered the first half of our summer watching America’s favorite league, at a time of tremendous popularity, argue over how to divvy up the massive amount of money it generates. Hearing the acronym CBA so much you think that’s how the alphabet starts is not enough. Relying on Twitter as your main source of entertainment, because “planking” is all our athletes have left to laugh about is not enough.

Now America’s new darling league, the NBA, has shut out its players at a time when the association is at the height of its popularity since the Jordan era. The Dallas Mavericks just won arguably the most exciting NBA Finals since the 1997 Bulls/Jazz series against America’s most hated team in the Miami Heat. Lebron James, the league’s new villain, has grasped everyone’s attention for all the wrong reasons; but we’re all still watching. Dirk Nowitzki put on the playoff performance of a lifetime and changed his legacy, making people watch even for the theatre of it, if not for love of the game.

For the first time in a decade, Madison Square Garden is buzzing again around its newest superstar lineup. Boston Celtics fan eagerly pack their seats to see if the original Big 3 can grasp a final ring. People are starting to love professional basketball again. This is why it being taken from us is so frustrating.

I’m no money genius, and I’m far from knowledgeable enough to speak on the specific numbers of the monetary negotiations of the NBA lockout. All I know is, David Stern needs to work this out, and fast. If he allows this league’s sizzle to slow to simmer, it could be a while before the NBA recovers again. The NFL at least looks to be headed in the right direction, but the NBA doesn’t even have meetings scheduled yet.

Please NBA, just get it done… for us.


Your dearest fan




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