NBA Draft Rumors:

Steve O Speak

Thunder looking to move Eric Maynor to jump into the lottery:

It is an interesting move for the Thunder as they look to add another impact talent to their roster, but I don’t know if Maynor and the 24th pick will be enough to move up into the top 10. I like Eric Maynor than most, and think that he could start for a handful of teams, but there are a lot of point guards with upside in this draft, that a team could prefer instead. As it stands now I don’t see a deal happening, but if the Thunder sweeten their offer a deal could get done.

76ers looking to deal Andre Iguodala Potentially for the 2nd overall pick:

The Timberwolves have long been after acquiring a veteran player for their 2nd overall selection, and Iguodala would be a good addition for them. There seem to be other suitors as well so I don’t know if this deal gets done tonight. If I’m the 76ers though I’d make the deal so they could select Derrick Williams.

Spurs looking to deal either George Hill or Tony Parker to move up in the draft:

The real sticking point seems to be the Spurs wanting to include Richard Jefferson in any trade proposal. I understand they want to get younger (though then why deal Hill), but Jefferson has negative trade value at this point. I would look to do the best deal possible for Parker or Hill and move on from there. Trying to add Jefferson to the deal means their return for a quality point guard will be minimal and that just doesn’t make sense. Yes I know they would free up money, but it doesn’t seem worth it.

Kings could flip the 7th pick for PG Raymond Felton:

This would be a smart trade for the Nuggets because it would bring another 1st rounder from the Carmelo Anthony trade. For the Kings it gives them a veteran PG, as opposed to hoping to develop someone. I think it is a risky move for the Kings, but I can at least understand it.



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