NBA Mock Draft – 5/27

Steve O Speak

1. Cleveland Cavaliers:  PG Kyrie Irving, 6’2″ Duke-

It’s a tough call for the Cavs, they can take the top PG, whom many believe is the top player or the star wing they desperately need. I think they will lean towards Irving even though that is a bit of a mistake. While I think Irving can be a star PG, having the 4th pick gives Cleveland some options. If they take Williams here, they will get one of Irving, Kanter or Brandon Knight at 4 (likely either Knight or Kanter). Either way they will be able to add the center or point guard at that pick. The worst case scenario for the Cavs would be if they take Irving, Williams goes next, and Kanter is selected 3rd. Then the Cavs would be sitting there with Knight on the board, but zero need for him. Another thing I could see is the Cavs potentially swapping spots with Minnesota to land the T-wolves later pick in the first round.

Irving is likely to be the pick, but it is a big risk if Williams and Kanter go next.

2. Minnesota Timberwolves: SF Derrick Williams, 6’8″ Arizona-

The Timberwolves have a ton of young talent and they don’t particularly need a SF (though Williams couldn’t hurt), meaning this pick is likely to be moved. Minnesota could look to move up to grab Irving if they can flip Ricky Rubio in another deal. Otherwise look for them to move this pick for an established player to play alongside PF Kevin Love.

3. Utah Jazz : PG Brandon Knight, 6’3″ Kentucky –

The Jazz could look to take Enes Kanter here, or trade this pick for an established player, but Knight is probably the best fit. I love his PG potential, and think he can quickly replace Deron Williams as Utah’s PG.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers: PF-C Enes Kanter, 6’10″ Turkey-

The Cavs luck out here as the 2nd player the covet is still on the board. Cleveland adds both a PG and C in this draft and should quickly enable their rebuild. The options aren’t good after the Williams and Kanter go, but i could see the Wizards grabbing a European big man who has the upside to be a star. Motiejunas isn’t a great rebounder, but he is still developing and the Wizards already have bigs like Booker and McGee who are more defensive-minded.

5. Toronto Raptors: PF Donatas Motiejunas, 7’0″ Lithuania-

The Raptors will likely take one of the Euro players with this pick. I know Motiejunas isn’t rated as high, but I think he fits better. There also appear to be less questions involving his buyout, making him a safer pick for the Raptors.

6. Washington Wizards: F Tristan Thompson, 6’9″ Texas-

The Wizards need to add some size and should take a long look at Thompson. Thompson has unlimited potential and he could make an early impact for the Wizards. The team desperately wants either Williams or Kanter so they should be looking to move up.

7. Sacramento Kings: F Jan Vessely, 6’11″ Czech Republic-

Vessely gives the Kings another quality big to play alongside Cousins in the Kings front court. He looks to be a solid two-way player and he has some serious upside.

8. Detroit Pistons: PG Kemba Walker, 6’0″ Connecticut-

The Pistons don’t really need a PG, but that’s alright because Walker isn’t a true PG. Walker is a competitor and a winner and is a great fit for a team like Detroit. He can help the Pistons move on from some of their veteran players, and get younger.

9. Charlotte Bobcats: SF Kawhi Leonard, 6’7″ San Diego St.-

Leonard isn’t a star, but he is a quality 3 and could fill Gerald Wallace‘s shoes quite nicely.

10. Milwaukee Bucks: SG Jimmer Fredette, 6’2″ BYU-

This could be a spot for Burks or a big man, but I like the idea of Fredette here. His range on his 3-pointer is unreal and he will give Milwaukee a great option beyond the arc.

11. Golden St. Warriors: PG/SG Josh Selby, 6’3″ Kansas-

Selby is an extremely gifted athlete who I think will challenge for a lottery spot. He can back up both guard positions and he has the type of speed that the Warriors build their offense around.

12. Utah Jazz: PF Bismark Biyombo, 6’9″ Spain-

The Jazz should use their 2nd 1st rounder to add some size to their front court. Biyombo is a raw talent, but he looks to be an excellent rebounder and has plenty of upside.

13. Phoenix Suns: PG/SG Alec Burks, 6’6″ Colorado-

Burks isn’t a perfect fit in Phoenix as he is more of a slasher than a shooter, but he has excellent potential, is highly athletic and can play multiple positions.

14. Houston Rockets: C Jonas Valanciunas, 7’0″ Lithuania-

Houston is a team to watch in moving up, but if they stay here this is a smart pick for them.Valanciunas might be the best European player, but his buyout will likely make him slide in this draft. He has excellent size though and would be a nice fit in Houston whenever they can bring him over.

15. Indiana Pacers: F Tobias Harris, 6’8″ Tennessee-

Forward isn’t the biggest need, but Harris is moving up draft boards and looks to be the best player here. Harris has a ton of potential and could be a very good starter in a couple of years. Ideally though I think the Pacers might trade out of this pick, and try to acquire a late first and a first next year. The Pacers could look to move up to grab either Derrick Williams, Brandon Knight or Enes Kanter, but if they stay here this is solid value for them.

16. Philadelphia 76ers: SF/PF Marcus Morris, 6’9″ Kansas-

The 76ers need some help to their front court and grabbing a Morris twin here makes sense. Marcus is the better offensive player and would be a nice fit in Philly.

17. New York Knicks: PG Reggie Jackson, 6’3″ Boston College-

The Knicks look to be looking for a young point guard and Jackson would be a good fit here.

18. Washington Wizards: PF Kenneth Faried, 6’8″ Morehead St.-

Does Washington need another PF, no not by any means. But the Wizards shouldn’t pass up one of the most productive players in college basketball. Now Faried will need to at least have some semblance of a jumper to be a starter, but he should be an excellent role player for the Wizards. The Wizards could potentially use this pick to move up, but it looks like Minnesota wants a veteran to move the 2nd pick.

19. Charlotte Bobcats: G Marshon Brooks 6’5″ Providence-

With their two picks the Bobcats should look to add a G and a forward, with landing Leonard earlier the Bobcats will be quite happy to see Brooks still on the board. Brooks can be the point guard they are looking for or he can fill in at SG. He’s got great versatility and upside. He should be a at worst a 6th man as a rookie, and should provide Charlotte with a boost to their backcourt.

20. Minnesota Timberwolves: Jordan Hamilton , 6’7″ Texas-

If the T-wolves pass on Derrick Williams with the top pick, I think they will look to take the top wing player available. Hamilton is a steal if he slides this far, as he is one of the best scorers in college. This pick really depends on what the Timberwolves do at the top. If they draft Williams this is a guard or a center, but if they go with Kanter or trade back a SF could be in play.

21. Portland Trailblazers: PF/C Markieff Morris, 6’10″ Kansas-

The Trailblazers could use another power forward here, and while Morris isn’t a great all-around player he fits here. He’s got excellent size and can play both the 4 and the 5, with a strong defensive game and an increasing offensive game. He can come in as a role player early and hopefully develop a defensive presence down the road.

22. Denver Nuggets: SF Chris Singleton, 6’8″ Florida St.-

Singleton is moving up draft boards, and he could help fill the large shoes of Carmelo in Denver. The Nuggets could look at more of a big man here, but I like Singleton’s upside.

23. Houston Rockets: PG/SG Nolan Smith, 6’3″ Duke-

This might be high for Nolan Smith, but I really like his game. I think he is a smart player who gets the most out of his abilities. He probably will peak as a 6th man type of guy, but he should offer the Rockets good depth at both guard positions.

24. Oklahoma City Thunder: PF Trey Tompkins, 6’10″ Georgia-

Tompkins gives the Thunder another young big man. He isn’t exceptional in any one area, but he should give them good minutes and be a quality role player on that team. He’s also a junior so he is more refined than some of these underclassmen/international players, which should allow him to contribute more early.

25. Boston Celtics: C Lucas Noguiera, 6’11″ Brazil-

Boston needs to add some size, and whether they decide to keep Noguiera overseas or not this is a good value pick for them here.

26. Dallas Mavericks: G/F Tyler Honeycutt, 6’8″ UCLA-

The Mavericks don’t have one major position of need so I think they will look for the best player available. Honeycutt fits that bill, and he is the type of guy who can be a solid role player off the bench before developing into a potential starter.

27. New Jersey Nets: F/C Jordan Williams, 6’10″ Maryland-

Williams seems to be moving up draft boards and its easy to see why. He is a legit big man who has the bulk to take on almost all 4′s and 5′s. While his game hasn’t reached his potential yet, his size alone will make him valuable. He would be a nice fit next to Lopez in the middle.

28. Chicago Bulls: SG Klay Thompson, 6’6″ Washington St.-

If the Bulls just had quality play from the SG they could really be an elite team. Thompson gives Chicago an excellent shooter and a 3-point sniper for Rose to find when the defense collapses around him.Thompson is a smart ballplayer and should get the most out of his abilities. He isn’t a penetrator, but his shooting more than compensates for that.

29. San Antonio Spurs: PF JaJuan Johnson, 6’10″ Purdue-

The Spurs need to add some size here, while they are getting old all over, their inside game is extremely vulnerable when Duncan isn’t in there. Johnson is a nice safe addition here.

30. Chicago Bulls: SF Chandler Parsons, 6’10″ Florida-

Parsons has been flying up the draft boards and now looks to be in the late 1st round mix. I think this could be slightly high for him still, but he gives Chicago a smart backup forward, who should get solid minutes. He might never be a starter (though the potential is there), but he will likely be a significant contributor and should be a nice role player for Chicago.




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