Cavs End Up Big Lottery Winner:

Steve O Speak

The Cavaliers entered the lottery with two selections in the lottery. The 2nd worst record, which gave them a 19.8% chance of getting the top pick, and the 8th worst (from L.A. Clippers), which had a 2.8% chance. While the Cavaliers would have been thrilled with either selection getting chosen as the top pick, their dream scenario came true, when the Clippers pick became the number 1 overall selection in the draft. Their own selection fell to 4th in the draft, ensuring Cleveland two extremely talented players to build their franchise around.

The Cavs made the bold move last year at the trade deadline to ship out popular point guard Mo Williams, to the Clippers for PG Baron Davis’s bad contract and an unprotected 1st round pick. At the time it seemed like a good deal for both teams. The Cavs used their cap space (thanks LeBron) to pick up what was to likely be a mid-late lottery pick. Which would slightly increase their chances of getting a top pick, but would at the very least add another young, cheap quality player to build the team around. The Clippers on the other hand pick up the younger cheaper PG in Williams, that fits their system better and gives them some cap flexibility. While L.A. surrendered a lottery pick, it was likely to be near the bottom of the lottery, which for the Clippers (a deeper team with a lot of youth) would net them a role player. Now though with that pick ending up the top overall selection in the draft, the Clippers have to be second guessing themselves.

Cleveland now can move on from the LeBron James years and build a new future around their top two picks. While there is a lot of uncertainty in this draft, one thing that is pretty clear is that barring an injury the Cavaliers top pick will be PG Kyrie Irving from Duke. Irving is very similar to John Wall, last year’s top pick, and he should revitalize this team like Wall did last season.

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