Round Table Debate – Biggest Surprise in the Draft?

Steve O Speak

By Guest Blogger John Manuel (AKA Stinger) & friends:

The “Supreme Court of Sports” gives its opinion on surprises we could see during NFL Draft Weekend.  Do you agree?  Comment and give your opinion in this round table discussion about the NFL Draft!

The Supreme Court:  Gib, Bob & Stinger:

Gib: This year’s draft is in uncharted water given the lockout. Teams with obvious needs have to address them in the draft, rather risking that there will be a free agency agency period in the near future. Still, any draft in which crazy Al Davis still has some input is going to have surprises. However, every year there is more information that goes into each pick and the science is pushing out the art. Also, picks at the top of the draft are so expensive that teams are now more likely to go with the consensus “safe” pick rather than going out on a limb. All this means that there are less surprises than in previous years, so the Jets fans filling up Radio City Music Hall should take heart.

There will still be reaches and some will probably involve quarterbacks. Cam Newton has no business being a #1 overall pick in my opinion, although that is probably exactly what is going to happen. Blaine Gabbert and Ryan Mallet are also projected to go too high. I think the next three QBs – Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, and Andy Dalton are much better value picks than the first three. I would not be surprised if one GM sees that as well, and either Gabbert or Mallet slides, and Dalton leapfrogs them. I think Jim Harbaugh may be the guy and Dalton ends up being the 49ers quarterback of the future.

Bob: The lockout has to be on everyone’s mind going into draft day. If you believe the lockout is going to persist, and I see no reason why either side should budge until one or both start losing money, then the draft is going to be boring. Because of the lockout, you cannot sign free agents, so teams only chances of improving are through the draft. Therefore, you will not see “projects” being drafted high because the teams can’t coach them until it is too late. So, teams will play it safe, lots of offensive lineman, lots of defense, the pocket passer QBs will go to teams who need them. And the Buffalo Bills and/or the Jets may forget to show up to the draft at all thinking that it too was canceled. Cam Newton will fall to the Skins and it will be a terrible move. So, we do have that to look forward to.

Stinger: When Cam Newton goes #1 it won’t be a surprise, and remember I predicted that weeks ago. Although most think it’s a smoke screen, I think the Patriots do grab Jake Locker. They have an abundance of picks to make this happen and he will be in no rush to play. Just sitting on the Patriots will bring up his trade value in a couple years in case Brady has 5-7 years left. What I am not looking forward to on the ESPN or NFL Network coverage is when they show the draftees on the phone right before the pick is announced. All the suspense is gone. Its like being told that Andy Dufrain was going to crawl through a mile of shit before watching Shawshank or knowing LC showed up at Heidi and Spencer’s wedding before the show aired. OK, bad example. Won’t be a surprise when the fans boo Commissioner Goodell. Finally, with no hope of any players being traded during the draft, I might fire up the 2004 Chappelle Show Racial Draft instead. The White congregation draft ranks up there with Vinny Cerrato’s 2008 Redskins draft.




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