Slicks Super Bowl Picks- Get Your Props On!

Steve O Speak

A Guest Blog By Matt (aka Slick)

Welcome back slicksters… I suppose since there is but one football game remaining before another long spring/summer (thankfully hockey can carry us through mid june), I would bring back one last blog for your reading enjoyment…

Lets talk SUPER BOWL BABY!  the Cheeseheads and the Stillers are about to  break in Jerry Jones’ super stadium and who could ask for a better matchup?  well, i could, id like to see the Lions and the Browns play, but thats just me.  Anyway, seems like the weather has followed these teams all the way to Dallas dampening the festivities a bit, but certainly not haulting them.  lets just hope that everyone with tickets can get there…otherwise Stubhub is going to make a buck or two.

Ok lets talk money, and lets start with the obvious… There are two lines that everyone probably already knows, unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last 2 weeks.  GB is a 2.5 favorite and the TOTAL is 44ish.  So wait, explain to me first, how GB is favored?  Pitt has the better record, has the best defense in the league, and has a QB who does one thing better than any other QB in his first 5 years… win playoff games.  Not so fast, my friend.  In case you werent watching, the PACK have won 3 convincing games on the road and come in with almost as good of a Defense and the best Offense that PITT has seen since the PATS took them to town in the regular season.  GB will spread them out and GB will score.  Yes the defenses are both good, but just like in the BALT/PITT game, there will be points.

SLICKS SAYS……………………… – TAKE GB – 2.5 and TAKE OVER 44……………………………….. THE ONLY CHANCE PITT HAS TO WIN THIS GAME is to TAKE A CHEAP SHOT AT RODGERS AFTER THE WHISTLE OR A LATE HIT and TAKE HIM OUT OF THE GAME.  it is a small price to pay and i would not doubt seeing it happen.  a 15 yd penalty or two will be more than a fair trade-off for PITT if it takes RODGERS out of this game.  Look for PITT to try everything possible to hurt this guy as early as they can.  If they dont do it, GB wins going away.  GB 31, PITT 20.

Now, lets talk PROPS.  PROPS are FUN!

Coin Flip – Tails NEVER fails

First score – what else, of course it will be a FG.

First play Run or Pass – guaranteed RUN, yes even GB will run on the first play, i think

More Points Scored 1st Half or 2nd Half – 2nd Half, thats easy, GB will have a nice lead and PITT will score a couple later TDs to make a meaningless run at it.

Now the FUN ONES:

First Commercial – GO DADDY (i cant wait to see who their new spokesperson is – i hear she is a very attractive female hollywood star – YEAH!)

Over/Under 1115PM actual Eastern Standard Time of End of Game – OVER – this game may not end until midnight…most people will be home by halftime.  when will the NFL wake up and move this game to Saturday night!!??  seriously, forget the 18 game schedule, just fix the screwball OT rule and change it to the college OT rule and move the superbowl to saturday night)

Odds of a personal foul penalty in the game – 1 to 500 (do not mistake this for 500 to 1 – there WILL BE a few of these)

Odds that the roof on the dome will be open at game time – 1,000,000 to 1 (well, the weather is supposed to improve by sunday)

Odds that the roof will cave in from all of the snow like the Metrodome – 110,000 to 1 (that place was not built for snow, but im guessing a couple inches couldnt do too much damage)

Odds that Jerry Jones will be on the Packers sidelines barking at the players during the game in hopes that they will respond with a victory so that PITT doesnt win the superbowl on his field – 5 to 1.

Odds that Maurkice Pouncy plays a down – 25 to 1.  i still think this guy will try to go out there, even if it is after the game has been decided so there is no risk of injury, kind of like how bernie kosar got a snap in the super bowl.  yes bernie kosar won a super bowl ring.

Odds that a punt will hit the giant HD screen at cowboy stadium during the game – 7 to 1 – i dont see a lot of punts in the game, but im all about the hang time

Odds that Tiger Woods had an affair with a Cheerleader for the Steelers or the Packers – 0 (neither team has cheerleaders, he did however have relations with two cowboys cheerleaders, well he might have, you never know)

Odds that anyone you know can actually afford to buy a Super bowl ticket (single tickets on STUBHUB range from $2300 – $11,000 right now) – 250 to 1.

OVER/UNDER 2.5 more times that Chad OChocinco will change his name during the game – UNDER – the red tape will limit his opportunites to make too many before the end of the game, i see it happening two more times, just not 3.

And Finally, Odds that I win in any of my Block Pool (i have a few big ones going) – some would say 100 to 1, but i have a pittsburgh 7 and a green bay 6, so i like my chances.  ill lay 20 to 1 on that.

Enjoy the game slicksters – im open for business!

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