Stinger’s Super Bowl XLV Prediction

Steve O Speak

By Guest Blogger John Manuel (AKA Stinger):

Its Super Bowl week at Jerryland!  The match-up is solid and a good game is expected.  Who will win?  I think the Packers will.  Actually I think the Packers could take the next three Super Bowls.  Packers’ management has done an extraordinary job lining up their team for the next five years.  They have talent at all positions and especially where it matters, quarterback and on defense.  The Steelers are in good shape also, but just slightly older at some positions.  Would it shock me if the Steelers won?  Absolutely not.

It’s funny I have a friend who looks like Hines Ward and is currently vacationing in Puerto Rico this week.  I wonder if people are looking at him and thinking he is pulling a Tony Romo before the game.  As for the game, I am still not sold on the Packers running game of Starks, Jackson and Kuhn.  But does this really matter?  I expect the Pack to spread out the Steelers D and air it out.  By the end of the game, I wouldn’t be shocked if Aaron Rodgers was their leading rusher. Is there prop bet on that somewhere?  James Jones is a key if he can catch the ball.  The guy seems to always be a factor, mostly positive but sometimes negative.  I said in my last blog that I thought John Kuhn would score the first touchdown.  I am actually rooting for Donald Driver to get the honor.  This guy (Gruden talk) has had a great career, which has mostly been overlooked with all the solid Packers’ receivers of the Brett Favre years.  On the Steelers side I like Randle- El to be a major factor.  Just joking.  If they win, he should Ron Artest his ring for charity.  But I do like Emmanuel Sanders to make a couple big plays.

Which movie will have more commercials?  That Adam Sandler/ Jennifer Aniston movie or Green Lantern?  Don’t be afraid to bet on the next commercial this Sunday.  Cars are always a good way to go.  Or try picking the top hit during the Black Eyed Peas set list exactly for something like 10-1 odds.   Calling it – “Let’s Get It Started”, “Imma Bee”, “Boom Boom Pow” and close with “I Gotta Feeling.”  I wouldn’t go with this, I am not a Black Eyed Peas fan.  Waiting for the Geto Boys or 2 Live Crew to get the Super Bowl halftime gig.  As for the 2011 Lingerie Bowl, I got the Los Angeles Temptation at 2-1.  If I win a couple commercial bets during the first half, might order the game.  See ya BEPs.

One thing I don’t understand is when I listen to radio hosts like Mike Greenberg they always mention that Mike Tomlin is a fiery coach.  I don’t see it.  His best attribute I feel is that he seems calm.  Whatever he is, it has worked.  Both coaches have worked and more importantly their assistants have been major parts of success.

Stable coaching combined with solid drafting and player development?  Sounds like the Snyder and Cerrato years?  Wonder if Vinny is at the Super Bowl?  He should have a reunion with all the players we got from bad moves — Jeff George, Jason Taylor, TJ Duckett, Adam Archuleta, and Albert Haynesworth.  Those guys should rent a party bus and spend some of the extra benjamins they got on a Dallas strip club tour.  Vinny can chauffer.

The game looks to be promising from the standpoint of two solid franchises with great quarterbacks and defenses.  I like both teams moving the ball and scoring.  Big, big, big change if Maurkice Pouncey can go at close to 100%.  BJ Raji has started to dominate opposing interior offensive lines and if Pouncey is out, Raji could be looked at as a MVP candidate possibility.

The real question is will Fox replace Pam Oliver or Chris Myers on the sidelines with Ines Sainz?  Let’s hope so.  Calling it — Packers 30-24.  Green Lantern.  And Geto Boys halftime performance by 2018.

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