The Ohio State Five Set To Return

Steve O Speak

While I’d been hearing some rumors suggesting that today’s report to be true, I was still a bit surprised when I read all 5 suspended (for the beginning of next year) Ohio State players will return next season and face their punishment. Now none of these players were thought to be locks to go in the draft before the suspensions, but I did think that the possibility of missing one third of the season would convince a couple of them to turn pro. Four of the five players probably would have been taken in the top 5 rounds and should have gone a lot higher than that. While it is possible that these players go back on their word to their coach I don’t see the max exodus of players from the Buckeyes that seemed likely a week ago. Remember these players draft stocks really weren’t going to be hurt for what they did. It isn’t as if they did anything that broke the law or violated anything resembling the NFL’s personal player conduct policies. If these four players work at it they can rebound from the suspension and build their draft stock up, but it will take a significant amount of work. Here is what I think they need to do to improve their stock the most:

Terrell Pryor: Pryor would have been drafted in the top 100 on potential alone. While right now he doesn’t profile as a top notch quarterback, he has the tools and athleticism to be something special. If Pryor can go back and really dedicate himself to being an NFL quarterback, who can make all the reads he could build his stock up to the late 1st round level. Pryor needs to work on his accuracy and decision making, and not just rely on beating up on weaker competition. It won’t be an easy task, especially with a 4-5 game suspension, but if Pryor dedicates himself he can improve his stock.

Dan Herron: It will be nearly impossible for Herron to post another 1,000 yard season next year with missing so much time, but he will need to make the most of his opportunities if he wants to be a mid-round pick. Herron will need to maintain or improve upon his 5.6 ypc average as well as showing more power and the ability to make defenders miss. Herron could also work on his blocking and pass catching to further give him a role in a backfield.

DeVier Posey: Posey is a quality wide receiver with good size and speed combination. He will need to show better hands going forward, and catch more balls in traffic. Overall Posey just needs to prove his consistency as there were entire games where he would disappear last year. I think with a good year Posey will end up being a mid-2nd round pick at worst.

Mike Adams: Prior to this past year Adams had failed to live up to his billing as a first class offensive tackle, but after this year he now has the production to go along with the promise. Adams might have found his way into the 3rd round this year despite his sketchy track record, based on potential alone, but with another good season he could hear his name called in the first round. Now Adams won’t have as many games to showcase his talents and won’t have a couple cupcake games to dominate, meaning every game is important for him. The good news for Adams is it appears most of the top DE talents in the Big Ten are leaving for the NFL so he very well could have a dominate year next season.

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