Zards, Lebron and More:

Steve O Speak

By Guest Blogger John Manuel:

Its going to be wait and see on the Washington Wizards this season.  Will Gilbert Arenas continue his return to form of the pre-knee injury?  Will someone make a move for him?  Will JaVale McGee show improvement to become a legit NBA center on both ends of the court?  Will they go back to being the Bullets?  Is Cartier Martin the next Ledell Eackles?  All questions we will need answering on.

Gilbert Arenas’ play of the past two weeks has overtaken the John Wall talk.  Gilbert has become a consistent scorer the team has much needed to help John Wall.  Kirk Hinrich showed us why the Bulls were willing to give us a mid first round pick to take him off their books.  My favorite memory of Hinrich will always be the Final Four and Juan Dixon taking it to his Kansas team.  Hinrich is from my mom’s hometown of Sioux City, Iowa and even she thinks he is not good.  Back to Gil.  I like what I have seen so far, especially in last weeks win against Philly in OT.  Arenas can’t be faulted for taking the deal the Wizards gave him a couple years back.  I remember my friend saying they should have let him walk and gone after Elton Brand.  Brand has also struggled since getting a mega-deal from the Sixers, but has been playing better this season.  What was he thinking on that flagrant foul last week?  And JaVale waving him good bye after that cheap shot was great.  I would still prefer Arenas over Brand.

I can’t figure out Gilbert Arenas.  He seems like an interesting guy from my perspective.  Every time I think he has turned it around, he says or does something stupid.  After a win, he is a great interview and very likeable.  I know when he brought the guns in the locker room he thought his joke would be funny and not a big deal.  Who knows about Gil?  When he playing days are done he could be a great entertaining analyst like Barkley, Webber or Kenny Smith or a regular on Basketball Wives.  Not sure how this ends up on the floor or off.

Jared Sullinger would be a nice addition next season to continue the building process.  He already looks like the best freshman in the country over Harrison Barnes.  Although Terrence Jones has had some monster efforts for Kentucky.  My next blog may be about how much I can’t stand Kentucky and John Calipari.  As a Maryland grad, I may even root for Carolina Saturday.

To get Sullinger we will have to lose alot this season, which could happen.  If your in that thinking, the eventual return of Josh Howard won’t help.  Howard will be a big help to this team.  Howard was great when the depleted post Jamison/ Butler/ Haywood trade Zards upset the Nuggets last season.  Howard had every reason to pull a Drew Gooden and not be in Washington after the trade from Dallas but showed up and right away said he wanted to be here.  Too bad he tore his ACL only after a couple games.  I think he mixes well with Wall and improves this current more than most think.

Check out the NFL Today story from last week on Chris Henry’s mom donating his organs after his unfortunate passing if you have not seen it.  Its very moving.  I remember I was in Cincinnati for work a couple years ago and was driving listening to a local sports station.  It was the day after Henry’s first game back after his 8 game suspension.  A caller called in to say that he saw Chris Henry and his entourage the night after the game at a Kentucky Taco Bell stirring up problems and causing a huge fight.  It was such as BS story but the host kept talking about it and asked for anyone to call in and confirm.  Only reason I bring up this story is because its crazy how stupid some people are.   RIP Chris, and your mother is a great person.

Off to get prepared for Lebron’s return to Cleveland, and I have no problem if he hears it.  Dan Gilbert went overboard with his comments towards Lebron after “The Decision”, but in some points I agree with him now that I have heard how they catered to James and his entourage.  And have you noticed all the empty seats in Miami for home games?  Bars in Cleveland should give out free Lebomb James’ tonight if the Cavs win.  If I was Dan Gilbert I would have Peyton Hillis stand under the Heat’s basket, arms crossed looking pissed every time Lebron goes to the line.  Or have Delonte West escort Mom James to her seat since West is out of action.

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