Redskins Keys to the Game:

Steve O Speak

Here are my keys to the Redskins vs. Vikings game:

Now normally I’d say what I say every week, in that the skins need to establish a running game, get Fred Davis involved, have McNabb be more efficient, and play Albert Haynesworth, but I’m going to focus on some other points this week:

1. Stay Healthy: Injuries have wrecked this team the past couple of weeks and while some of their banged up players may be playing today they surely won’t be at a 100%. Not only do I worry about their effectiveness, but I also worry about the possibility of them making it worse (See Clinton Portis). Washington right now doesn’t have the depth (particularly in their secondary, offensive line and receiver corps) to afford another injury. So if Washington wants to win and be competitive going forward the first thing they have to do is stay healthy.

2. Don’t Underestimate Minnesota: I know it is easier said than done considering just how bad the Vikings have been this year, but the Vikings have talent. In my opinion Brad Childress was part of the problem and them moving in a different direction makes this a vastly more dangerous football team. The Vikings will come to play today and if the Skins aren’t ready Minnesota will walk away with a victory.

3. Stack the Box: While many of the Vikings weapons have been ineffective or injured, Adrian Peterson has been down right dominate. His year is getting lost with all the negativity surrounding the team, but he is still an elite runner. The Redskins D needs to tighten up after giving up 130 yards to Chris Johnson last week. If Peterson gets 115+ this week it will be hard for Washington to pull out a win. Washington will need to do some run blitzing or stack the box if they hope to slow down Peterson. It might leave them susceptible to the pass (which is scary considering the injuries), but it is a risk they have to take.

4. Don’t take Brett Favre Lightly: Now I know Favre is the butt of every joke, and by comparison the Redskins finally have a known quarterback to compare Donovan McNabb to and feel good about themselves, but he is still Brett Favre. You can’t count out this guy at any time, I don’t care how bad his numbers are. With a weak secondary depleted by injuries the Skins need to rely on their pass rush to force Favre to throw the ball before he is ready. If Favre gets some time back there I think he could really put together a good game that could sink the Redskins.

Overall Prediction: As much as I’m a Skins fan I think the injuries will be too much and the Vikings will be fired up. Minnesota 23-20

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