Vince Young And Jeff Fisher Heading to a Divorce

Steve O Speak

This Vince Young and Jeff Fisher situation is getting weirder and weirder, to the point where he is ‘not welcome’ at team meetings. This guy is your franchise quarterback, and he is only allowed in the building for treatment? Really? How does that happen, after touting this guy as a big part of the reason your team was a contender? Now I realize the reports of Young throwing his shoulder pads into the stands is troubling, and walking out on his team is inexcusable, but come on, barring him from the facility? There is no recovering that relationship, which now leaves the Titans holding the bag, as finding a new quarterback went from a low priority to the top of the list.

Young was by no means a “Franchise” quarterback, but he was improving an getting better each season. Given Young’s ability to make plays with his feet, he over came some of his deficiencies as a passer to still be an effective leader for Tennessee. The Titans were 26-13 with Vince Young at the helm  heading into this year. And the majority of their losses this season have come when Young has been knocked out of the game. Young was also having his best year passing of his career with a 98.6% passing rating. Now all of that has been undone, and it looks like Young will be gone from Tennessee next year.

I’m not dismissing Young’s role in all of this and obviously the whole story isn’t out there, but what exactly is Jeff Fisher doing? He refused to put Young back in the game against the Redskins, despite Young wanting to play (and the Titans desperately needing him). Now maybe he knew that Young was too injured and couldn’t make a difference, but it is possible that Young could have helped them gain a win. I’m no doctor, but if Young was willing to tough it out maybe playing wouldn’t have done anymore damage to the thumb since it sounds like it was already torn. And it isn’t as if the Titans needed Young to throw the ball on every play, him being in there alone made them more of a threat. I have to believe that Fisher and Young had to have had some sort of issue prior to the end of the game that started this whole thing.

Now the former 3rd overall pick in the draft will be looking for a job next year, and the Titans will be searching for a new quarterback (paging Kevin Kolb). Its been a strange relationship, and looks to be a stranger divorce, as I think the Titans will have no choice, but to just cut Young (all trade value went out the window with this incident).

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