Why The Redskins Injuries Might Not Be Such A Bad Thing

Steve O Speak

The Redskins suffered a rash of injuries in Sunday’s game against the Titans, while some of them hurt the Redskins chances of winning, some might be a blessing in disguise. Here is a list of some of the players that were injured (or already were and the backup plan(s):

Clinton Portis, Chad Simpson, Ryan Torain: Knock on wood, but right now Keiland Williams is the ‘Iron Man’ in the backfield for the Redskins, as he has finished the last three games as the team’s sole healthy running back. Simpson has already been put on IR to bring up 2nd year back James Davis, but a serious question remains involving Portis. With re-aggravating his groin injury, he as well might be done for the season. He may be placed on IR to sign another running back or even add a player at another position. While losing so many backs hurts, it is good to evaluate Williams and Davis these next couple weeks, since both could have bright futures.

Artis Hicks, Derrick Dockery and Casey Rabach: The offensive line is even more banged up than the running backs, but all is not lost. Casey Rabach has had a good Redskin career, but I think the game has passed him by. Will Montgomery filled in extremely well for Rabach, and at the very least gives the Redskins a better chance of winning. Now it was just one game, so it could have been a fluke, but it is possible the Redskins found their future center in Montgomery. Even more impressive than Montgomery’s performance, was that of Stephon Heyer. Now Heyer is pretty much the butt of every offensive line joke in Washington, but he played well well called in to play guard. Heyer has no business being a tackle, but for some time I’ve wondered if he would make a better guard since he wouldn’t have to deal with speed rushers. It could be (or at least should be) a fit going forward.

Now the real question is depth, it is almost a guarantee that Rabach is out this week, and the likelihood of Dockery and Hicks being healthy isn’t great either (maybe one will be a go). Even if the best case scenario both are ‘healthy’, I don’t think you can count on them for the full game. I think the Redskins need to add at least one if not two O-linemen this week. 7th round picks Selvish Capers and Erik Cook are sitting on the practice squad and would be the likely replacements. The question is whom do you release/place on IR to pick them up. I honestly believe either Rabach or Dockery could be placed on injured reserve, with another spot coming from Portis going on IR. I doubt they cut a defender since they have their own depth issues. Either way it would be good to get the rookies some game experience, even if it is just on special teams.

Carlos Rogers, LaRon Landry, Anderson Russell: The secondary is the one area where there really isn’t a silver lining with the injury report. Landry is pretty much out for this week and it is possible he could miss another week after that. Rogers has a better chance of playing this week, but he could be a no go as well. Even if he does his hamstring could be re injured at any time. Anderson Russell was a replacement for Chris Horton and would fill in for their third safety role. With him on IR the Redskins only have two safeties on the roster and one guy they just picked up last week on the practice squad. They still have a roster spot open to add a safety so that isn’t a problem, but they need someone who they feel confident helping out and who can backup both the free safety and strong safety positions.  Right now the secondary is a huge issue and it could be exploited by opposing offenses.

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