Can Shanny Make-up For Vinny?

Steve O Speak

By Guest Blogger John Manuel:

I was there Monday night.  I got to see first hand a beating like I have never seen in person.  The only thing worse is now hearing about the sh*t talking of D Hall and LaRon Landry to Desean Jackson pregame.  I wish these guys could back up their talk more than making just a play or two a game.  But my real perspective is where is this team headed in the future.  One real question I will have to see answered is can Shanny make up for Vinnys mistakes?

Although it was the first time in nine games the Skins were not at all competitive, I am very worried where this is heading in the future.  Did Mike Shanahan look at the roster before he decided to come here?  There are way too many holes to fill anytime soon.  I am someone who defends the McNabb trade, the resigning and him being our quarterback for the next couple seasons.  But we will need another quarterback unless John Beck is some hidden talent.  Without a 3rd or 4th round pick is Shanahan willing to use a 1 or a 2 on a QB when they need talent at almost every position?  We are paying for the price for the 10 years Vinny Cerrato was associated with this team.  We are truly bare at wide receiver, interior offensive line, defensive line, cornerback (yes, cornerback because Deangelo Hall gets worked out there)  and Free Safety.  I think at linebacker we can survive a couple years especially if they go back to the 4-3, but Lord London Fletcher isn’t going to be able to go forever.

Usually I try to be humorous, but Vinny Cerrato jokes just get me pissed off.  If we want to be good the next couple years I think the only solution is with the new labor deal.  I think we have to hope for a no salary cap-no franchise player situation where we can use Dan Snyder’s money to accumulate younger first time free agency talent.  I hate the Yankees, but we may need to pull a Yankees.  Even though I don’t see this coming.  Washington could possibly trade McNabb to Arizona or someone else and get a pick.  If we stay with the 3-4, we gotta take what we can for Big Al in the off-season also.

Speaking of the Yankees, it is interesting to see where these Derek Jeter negotiations go.  If it is true that he will turn down 3 years at $21 million per year, I can only laugh.  As my one friend joked, I thought it was a 3 years for $21 million total.   He is of course a lock for the Hall of Fame and has had a great career as player, a leader and a big game player but do they owe him that much?  Its not like he was pulling a middle of the road salary the past 10 years.  He has made over $200 million dollars from the Yankees.  And he is fortunate to play for a $230 million a year salary team and in New York which has made him more of a star.  It would be a tough PR move to do a take it or leave it deal with Jeter, but I think they have an argument for it.

Trust me I can’t stand Desean Jackson, but it kills me still that we passed on him for Devin Thomas.  He should be running backwards and taunting into the end zone for us.  While Devin Thomas tries to skip Eagles practice to be in the new Rihanna video.  Man, Vinny sucked.  He really did.  I remember how everyone questioned him on that draft 3 seasons ago and he wouldn’t shut up about Chris Horton being a 7th round pick.  That’s working out well two years later.  Real football people must have laughed every time they saw a transaction with the Redskins next to it during Vinny’s time.  I wish I could be positive, but seeing what we have for talent scares me.

Many have questioned moves that Mike Shanahan made in Denver once he controlled personnel.  He will be under a much heavier fan watch here in DC than he was in Denver.  And its going to take alot from the feeling I get on the team’s talent level.  Gaining draft picks is the way most teams will go but that’s not a sure bet here.  Shanahan isn’t here to do a full rebuild and he needs to win soon.  I just hope moves of Gibbs 2.0 and Cerrato aren’t the way to go.  Although maybe Brandon Lloyd was worth a 3rd and 4th round pick?

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