Slicks Picks: Sunday Edition

Steve O Speak

A Guest Blog By Fanspeak Contributing Writer Matt (aka Slick)

I was forced into posting yesterday.  this is probably why I didn’t even recognize that arizona was playing stanford and not arizona st.  that could have changed everything.  Good news is, im sure it was far too late to consider action anyway.  2-6 is a killer, but i did hit my only total of the day.  Clemson v Fla St.  Naturally, it went under.

So lets gear up for a much bigger day today.  the NFL.  i usually dont play NFL games because i truly think many of the games are fixed, or at least pre-determined.  In the NFL, it is all about the money, even in the playoffs.  however, that doesnt mean we cant take advantage of a few that should go our way, as long as we can figure out what the outcome is before the game before it starts too. Let me explain…

These guys are professionals.  Tom Brady does not fret at the likes of the Cleveland Browns, but somehow, he looked like Ryan Leaf in headlights back there last week.  Does anyone really think that Cleveland is better than New Eng?  NO CHANCE.  In fact, if they played 10 more times, NWE wins 9 of them, but on this day, Vegas needed a win, and so the line stayed very low, everyone loaded up on NWE, and the Browns won easily.  there are a couple games every week that meet this criteria, and if you can find them, you will be very happy on payday.

this week is tough.  I see one that sticks out.  Jacksonville -1.5 V Houston.  Houston is better.  Houston would win most of the time.  but on this day, everyone is going to take Houston, and the JAGS are going to win.  I see something similar again in Cleveland too.  now that the Browns have won a few, the league has taken notice, and so have the oddsmakers.  NYJ a small favorite in Cleveland today.  The average joe knows that the JETS are far superior to the hapless offense that the BROWNS field each week, but again, on this day, the BROWNS will keep it close.  the JETS are super bowl contenders, and no one thinks the BROWNS will be playing extras this year.  So, if you have to bet a few teams, Take JAX, Take CLEV.

Oh, and did i mention i love totals?   Wheres the beef?  See below.

UNDER 48.5 in JAX v HOU

OVER 40.5 in MIN v CHI

OVER 44.5 in KC v DEN

OVER 37 in CAR v TB (what?)

see you next week…


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