Donovan McNabb Thinks That It Is ‘Hilarious’ To Suggest He Doesn’t Know The Offense

Steve O Speak

McNabb was on the radio yesterday and said that it was ‘hilarious’ in regards to the suggestion that he doesn’t know the offense, or needs help calling plays. McNabb further goes on to say; “That is really funny to me. I think for everyone who may not have heard any of this, it’s probably a shock to them.” I know you have got to try to spin stories, but come on. Next you are going to try to tell me that there is a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

Is it really a shock to people to hear that McNabb might not know the offense? Because if you watch the games and see how poorly they consistently play, in particular McNabb, I think that is a thought that might enter your mind. When you see McNabb arguing with Kyle Shanahan on the sideline, or having talks with receivers after he overthrows them, it would seem like not everyone is on the same page. I think it’s time for McNabb to stop laughing, and maybe realize that it is just the truth.

You can blame all you want on the lack of receivers or the offensive line. And you can make excuses that McNabb isn’t a 100% healthy. But really at the end of the day a lot of blame has to be laid at his feet. McNabb’s performance on third downs or at the end of the game (even in ones that they win), has been downright awful. If McNabb wants to put himself in ‘Elite Quarterback’ company, he needs to stop making excuses. Like when later in his radio interview he singled out Santana Moss and Chris Cooley as his only trustworthy targets. If he thinks his receiving corps is bad ask Peyton Manning and Phillip Rivers what it is like? Both of their teams are so decimated with injuries, yet they are still providing excellent quarterback play. While I agree with McNabb that guys like Armstrong, Galloway, Roydell Williams don’t exactly strike fear in opposing defenses, it is partly on him to get them involved. He can lament the receivers all he wants, but he also hasn’t done a good job getting Fred Davis involved, who has the talent to be a first tier tight end if given the chance.

McNabb seems to want to blame everyone involved but himself. He comes off as taking the high road (but that has a lot to do with Shanahan setting the bar so low), but in reality he isn’t taking a lot of responsibility. He might admit that the Redskins should be better than 4-4 right now, but he doesn’t admit that he is the reason why they are not.

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