Week 5: The Craziness Continues

Steve O Speak

I really don’t even know what to say anymore as it appears each week is crazier than the last:

-While it isn’t too shocking that the Colts beat the Chiefs yesterday (though maybe a bit surprising that Indy had trouble scoring), what it meant was pretty surprising. Not only did the Colts hand the Chiefs their first loss, and knock off the final unbeaten team, but they ensured that no team started the year 4-0 or better. It is the first time since the 70’s that at least one team hasn’t been able to win at least their first 4 games. And considering that last year the Saints and Colts went pretty deep into the season before they got their first loss, it is even more shocking.

-The Redskins once again had the game decided on the final play of the game. In 4 of their 5 games this season the Redskins fate has been decided on the final play of the game. Now some of that makes sense since in overtime the game is sudden death so any score is the final play, but the Redskins have already had two overtime games which is a bit much. This Redskins version of the “Kardiac Kids” are 3-1 in those final play games so luck is on their side, but for their fan’s sake it would be nice to see them take a knee in one game.

-The Cowboys fall to 1-3 after getting beat bad by the Titans at home. The Cowboys were easily good enough to win that game, but their penchant for penalties (which has plagued them all year) has lost them another game. Dallas is now two games back in the division that they were supposed to win this year. And for all the hype of them having a chance to have a ‘home’ Super Bowl, not only is the idea of them making it unlikely at this point, but would they even want to? The Cowboys are now 0-2 at home this year, and have looked completely lost.

-The Chargers fall to the Raiders for the first time in 13 games. San Diego can’t seem to put two good week’s together this season. One week after dominating the Cardinals, the Raiders come out and just flat out beat the Chargers. San Diego might not be out of the division, but this does not look like a team that could go far in the postseason.

-The Bengals lose another game. After losing to the Browns last week, this week the Bengals lose to the Buccaneers. This was considered a Super Bowl contender after they added T.O., Jermaine Gresham and a few other options to Carson Palmer‘s arsenal. The problem apparently isn’t Palmer’s weapons but Palmer himself. He threw three interceptions yesterday. One of which was returned for a touchdown, while the other two set up both the game tying and game winning drives (pretty short fields on both) in the final 3 minutes of the game. The Bengals gave this game away and now have serious question marks at QB going forward.

-Undrafted Hall and the Cards knock off the Super Bowl Champs. Now who ever saw this coming? I liked Max Hall coming out of college and thought he would be a solid backup in the league, but he showed a lot of moxie and poise in yesterday’s win. Now Hall didn’t ‘lead them’ to victory in the traditional sense, but he played solid football. And most importantly he kept them in a position to win. The Saints didn’t give up a single rushing or passing touchdown, but their 4 turnovers (two of which were returned for scores) sealed their fate. They also weren’t able to rattle the rookie quarterback too much, as the Cardinals held the ball for half the game. Saints are another Super Bowl contender who right now 5 weeks into the season look like anything but. It’s a long way to go but it is pretty troubling start so far.

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