NFL Power Rankings

Steve O Speak

1. Pittsburgh Steelers- Great defense and a strong running game will get you to 3-0, the fact they did that with their 3rd and 4th string quarterbacks is unheard of. One more week without Roethlisberger, but after he returns they could be scary good.

2. Indianapolis Colts- They might have started the season with a loss, but this team is exceptionally good. Peyton Manning plays in his own world and as long as he remains upright this team is a Super Bowl contender.

3. Chicago Bears- The Bears are off to a great start, and their defense is playing pretty good football. They still need a better ground game, but they look to be a tough team this year.

4. Green Bay Packers- Packers need to find a way to run the football and protect Aaron Rodgers. That being said they were a handful of stupid penalties away from being 3-0.

5.New Orleans Saints- New Orleans is still a great team, but back-to-back nail-biters (including one loss) are a bit troubling. The running game is lagging behind this year and will need to pick up.

6. Houston Texans- The Texans have a very good balanced offense, but problems in their secondary could keep them back this season.

7. New York Jets- Its been a bizarre year in New York as now they apparently have a passing offense, but their defense is letting them down. I think the defense will right itself  and the passing attack will stay above average.

8. Atlanta Falcons- Atlanta had a big win last week, but they were one 29 yard FG away from falling 1-2. While it was a solid comeback against the Saints, they need to be a bit more balanced on offense.

9. Philadelphia Eagles- Their offense is running on all cylinders now with Vick at the helm, and they can score from anywhere on the field. The Eagles defense hasn’t been the greatest so far, but they are showing signs of getting better.

10. New England Patriots- The Patriots still have some holes on defense, though their is a ton of potential there. Their running game is non-existent, but their passing attack could still carry them to the playoffs.

11. Baltimore Ravens- Injuries along the O-line have kept this offense from running at full steam, but they have shown some flashes. Their defense though has shown some weaknesses that could be exploited by better teams. Flacco also needs to be more consistent.

12. Cincinnati Bengals- As crazy as it sounds the Bengals might need to think about changing QB’s (not that they have a good one on their roster). Palmer looks awful, and now with the weapons they put around him there is no excuse.

13. Tennessee Titans- Titans need more out of Young and their receivers, but Johnson and the defense have looked good.

14. Miami Dolphins- Miami is a better team this year, but they still might not have enough for a playoff run. At the same time they won’t go quietly into the night, look for them to be competitive in every game.

15. Dallas Cowboys- Cowboys need to start utilizing all their weapons and stop trying to get cute. This team is a bit lost, but should get dangerous fast.

16. Minnesota Vikings- Not a great start for a Super Bowl run, but I wouldn’t count out Minnesota yet. Their receivers and O-line need to get straightened out, but this is a good team.

17. Kansas City Chiefs- Not much respect for a 3-0 team, but both the Chargers and 49ers have been huge disappointments and the Browns are still pretty bad. What they have done so far is impressive but they could crash down to earth. I do think they have a shot at the division though as no one else seems to want it.

18. Seattle Seahawks- Seattle is playing well so far this season, while they still have a few holes the West is poachable.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Tampa came back to earth some last week, and won’t finish higher than 3rd in their division. That being said they have a very bright future and have the pieces in place.

20. New York Giants-Problems are afoot in New York as no team is playing worse with a higher level of talent on their roster.

21. San Diego Chargers- The Chargers look like a shell of themselves from previous years, and now the division has gotten a bit tougher (still not great but no longer a cake walk).

22. Denver Broncos- The injury bug has killed the Broncos so far and will likely keep them down on this list for some time, but next year this could be a team to watch.

23. Arizona Cardinals- MUST FIND A QUARTERBACK….Cardinals have a lot of promise but their lack of a signal caller will hold them back.

24. Washington Redskins- Given their talent the Redskins should rank higher, but that defense is just awful. On offense the running back by committee approach could backfire, and this is still a 1 receiver team.

25. San Francisco 49ers- There is no reason the 49ers should be 0-3, hopefully their new offensive coordinator will fix things.

26. Oakland Raiders- The Raiders are a better team on paper, but they just can’t get out of their own way it seems like.

27. St. Louis Rams- Bradford isn’t completely overmatched which is very promising, but the team around him needs to improve to keep climbing this list.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars- This is a team on the brink of collapse, their talent should rank them higher but their play could bring them to the bottom of this list.

29. Detroit Lions- Shaun Hill has filled in admirably, but it will be interesting to see how this team does with Stafford at the helm. Best has been a big surprise, but the defense and O-line need to play better.

30. Cleveland Browns- The Browns look like they are building something for the future, but right now they are struggling. Their defense has completely let them down, and they have no passing attack.

31. Carolina Panthers- They have already switched to rookie Jimmy Clausen so they could start to rise. Though they will need to find a way to run the ball.

32. Buffalo Bills- Another bad year in Buffalo, still major questions at QB, OL (all of them), WR, TE, DL

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