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Revis Island Will Be Uninhabited On Sunday: The Jets won a crucial divisional matchup last week against the Patriots, but lost All-Pro corner Darrelle Revis to a hamstring injury. While the injury isn’t likely a long term problem, it will keep Revis out of action this week against the Miami Dolphins and star receiver Brandon Marshall. New York is smart for not playing Revis this week, even if it does potentially hurt their chances of winning another tough divisional game. If Revis plays he has a big chance of doing further damage to the injury, keeping him out for much longer than one game. The Jets defense can survive without Revis for one game (even against Marshall) but I don’t think they could last a month or more.

Steelers Go With Batch Sunday Against Buccaneers: Boy Leftwich must still be pretty injured if they are going with Charlie Batch to start this week. While technically he was just ‘resigned’ this week, he was only not a Steeler for about 30 Hrs. I’m guessing he didn’t forget the playbook in that time period. Not only is Leftwich the more talented quarterback with better physical tools and starting experience, but up until three and a half weeks ago, when he got injured, he was getting all the starters work in practice. Batch barely played this preseason or got many reps in practice until Leftwich went down. And it is not as though Batch set the world a blaze with his performance last Sunday against the Titans. In addition to all of that Leftwich was traded by the Buccaneers this offseason to the Steelers, so I’m sure he would have loved a little payback and the chance to show them they were wrong to give up on him. Since Batch will be the man under center for the Steelers this Sunday, I’d expect a healthy dose of Rashard Mendenhall and the rest of the ground attack. Also, I’d expect a lot of short passes as the Steelers attempt to grind out their third win of the season.

Raiders Had Campbell On A Short Leash, Go With Gradkowski: It is a bit surprising the Raiders didn’t give Jason Campbell more time to figure it out, or at least one more chance to redeem himself, but it is hard to argue with Gradkowski’s numbers and result. Gradkowski came in for Campbell in relief on Sunday and led the Raiders to victory over the Rams. Now he is tabbed as the starting quarterback. While Campbell’s numbers were less than impressive, much of that comes from his week 1 beating against the Tennessee Titans. A defense that sacked him four times, and constantly had him under pressure. The move is surprising, not because the Raiders gave up alot for Campbell, but that Campbell had been building on a pretty solid career up until this season. Now the Raiders have a new man under center and Campbell is left on the bench. My guess is it won’t be a short stay on the bench for Campbell though. While there is always a chance that Gradkowski is ineffective or injured, I’m thinking a trade could be on the way. Looking around the league, there are a number of weak quarterback situations that Campbell could step in as a starter right away. In addition there are a few other situations where he would be either a solid back up or a stop gap situation while a young QB develops. The Seahawks, Bills, Browns and Cardinals could all use an immediate upgrade at quarterback, while the Chiefs, 49ers, Jaguars, Panthers and Vikings could all use a little insurance. Remember Campbell is signed for just $3.14 million this season (with the Raiders obviously already paying some of that) and just $4.5 million next year. That is pretty affordable (though on the pricier side) for a backup on a team with an established quarterback. And is a great price if he actually starts on these teams. Campbell is a very good buy low option, and shouldn’t cost more than the 4th round pick in 2012 that the Raiders gave up (though honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if Oakland could do better).

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