Why I Think Jets Fans Should Be A Little Worried:

Steve O Speak

There has been a lot of talk last year and this year that praised the Jets for trading up to draft Mark Sanchez. And all you heard about is that the Jets now had their “Franchise” Quarterback and that was why they were so successful last season. Well I think a lot of people didn’t actually watch the games last season, because what I saw was a quarterback with a lot of potential, but who was WAAAY in over his head. Unfortunately my assessment didn’t change after Monday night’s game.

Sanchez doesn’t look like a quarterback who can lead the Jets anywhere. The team won last season in spite of him, and will continue to be a contender based on their defense and ground game. This year I feel like the excuses have run dry for Sanchez and the Jets. Now Sanchez has had a full offseason to work with all the receivers, but in particular Braylon Edwards, as well as the extra time to dissect defenses and work on his deficiencies. Now he is still without Santonio Holmes for another 3 weeks, but still the excuses have to stop. Sanchez has plenty of weapons, when you include his tight ends and backs. And while the loss of Faneca hurt, that offensive line is still one of the best in the league (just ask Matt Stafford what its like to be behind a worse one).

Now I know defenders of Sanchez will say that the Ravens defense was one of the best in the league…but so is the Jets (its actually even better) and Flacco still put up okay numbers and he isn’t exactly a grizzled veteran. Flacco was also on the road, in a pretty hostile environment (opening up a new stadium), with new receivers and less ground support. And to top it all off, while the Ravens defense as a whole is good, their corners are pretty weak, and they are without their ballhawk FS Ed Reed.

Look it is just one game, but Sanchez had pretty much every advantage you could ask for. And the way I look at it is, that it is not ‘just one game’ as Sanchez has really yet to show me that he is a Franchise quarterback in any game. Things don’t get any easier for Sanchez this week as division foe New England comes to town, and if he doesn’t figure things out fast the Jets will be out of it before midseason.

For Jets’ fans sake I hope Sanchez figures it all out and isn’t a bust like so many highly drafted quarterbacks before him, but pardon me if I want a little evidence of success before I start praising Sanchez and the Jets.

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