Broncos Put the Tim Tebow Era On Hold

Steve O Speak

Yesterday’s announcement that the Broncos extended Kyle Orton for another season was both a bit surprising and exactly the right thing to do. It was surprising because Denver had brought in quarterbacks Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow this offseason, and invested some significant resources to do so. In addition, the hype surrounding Tebow made it seem as though this would be Orton’s last year in Denver. At the same time it was the right thing to do, because Orton is by far the team’s best quarterback, and Tebow will need some time to develop.

Tim Tebow may be the future of the Franchise, and I really do think he will reach that level, but right now playing him would be detrimental to both him and the team. This is a quarterback who is completely changing his mechanics, and learning a completely different style of football (not to mention rookie quarterbacks notoriously struggle ex. Mark Sanchez). Tebow will need time to work out all the kinks and become an NFL caliber quarterback, and this deal gives him a two year window to do so. Now I think the Broncos will develop Tebow packages where he can be a bit of a weapon, and get some real game time. I also think that maybe later in the year if the Broncos are out of it, maybe Tebow comes in relief for a half or even a start. In fact, that would be the ideal way to bring him along to ensure he isn’t rushed too early.

While the fans might not really understand it, the Broncos made a great move with the extension. One it keeps their quarterback happy, and two it gives them a lot of options for next year. If for some reason Tebow puts it all together in one year, than Orton could be traded with a very marketable 1- year 9 million dollar deal. The same could be said if Quinn shows enough to be a starting quarterback, but I wouldn’t bet on that.

Orton threw for 3,800 yards last season and kept the Broncos offense competitive all year. While they lost Brandon Marshall this offseason, they did bring in a couple impressive rookies to help take his place. Orton gives this team the best chance for a playoff run, and proved himself last year. While it seems odd and shocking Orton is a top 15 quarterback in this league, and quite the bargain compared to former Josh McDaniels protege Matt Cassel. I’ve criticized the Broncos for a lot of things over the past couple of seasons, but this was one move they got right.

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