Brett Favre To Retire…Not So Fast

Steve O Speak

Yesterday, the world of sports was abuzz with the news that Brett Favre would not be back with the Vikings this season. Now if it is true, that is major news, as not only does it affect the Vikings season, but it promotes Packers to the top of the NFC North. Also it makes the road to the Super Bowl that much easier for New Orleans, Dallas and company. So while it could potentially be major news, right now it is an unconfirmed rumor. And on top of that, it is in regards to Brett Favre, the ultimate Flip-Flopper.

Now I’m all for reporting rumors and a little idle speculation, but this was ridiculous yesterday as it kept building up to the point where it seems like everyone in America believes Brett Favre is retired. I mean haven’t we learned by now that we can’t trust Favre when he says he is retired, so why are we going to trust unconfirmed text messages? I won’t even begin to believe this story until the Vikings and/or Favre confirm it. And in all honesty I won’t believe Favre is done playing until he is either over the age of 50, or someone passes a law saying he can’t play football anymore. Until that time, I am going to believe in a possible comeback.

I’m sure there is a small fire that caused all this smoke, and I won’t say for certain he will be back and leading the Vikings to the playoffs. I think that ankle is a major concern, as is the willingness to take another beating like the one he took last year. But Favre has that competitive fire that every player aspires to. I think he will try to test out the ankle over the next week or two, and if it checks out he will be back with the Vikings by the middle of the month. If Favre comes back, I think he will be as good as ever and Minnesota could be a Super Bowl team. If not, than it will be an unfortunate end to an illustrious career and the Vikings are hurting.

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