MLB Mock Draft

Steve O Speak

1. Washington Nationals: C Bryce Harper- At this point this is a no brainer pick. Harper has established himself as the best hitter in this draft class and has All-Star potential.

2. Pittsburgh Pirates: SS Manny Machado- The Pirates have shown a willingness to shell out a big bonus and go after a more premium level of talent these last couple of seasons. Machado could be a special player down the road and seems like a good pick for Pittsburgh. As long as his bonus demands don’t get outrageous, he seems like a good pick.

3. Baltimore Orioles: LHP Drew Pomeranz- The O’s have been linked to a number of players including some of the top H.S. arms. Normally I’d tend to agree with that track, but Baltimore is without a 2nd round pick making this pick that more crucial for the success of their draft. I think they take a college player from a position that isn’t deep in this draft. I would say 3B Zach Cox is also an option here.

4. Kansas City Royals: C Yasmani Grandal- The Royals also seem likely to bypass on some of the premium H.S. talent to get a more sure thing with their top pick. Grandal is a very good catching prospect who is worthy of a top 5 pick. Given the scarcity of the position, and the fact that Kansas City’s Will Myers (top catching prospect) will likely move off the position Grandal makes sense here.

5. Cleveland Indians: LHP Chris Sale- The Indians will be quite happy to get one of the top two lefties in this class with the 5th pick. Sale has moved up the draft boards this year with a dominate season, and looks like a safe bet going forward.

6. Arizona Diamondbacks: RHP Deck McGuire- The D-backs get one of the most major league ready pitchers with this pick in McGuire. He isn’t a 1 or a 2 likely at the next level, but should reach the majors quickly.

7. New York Mets: RHP James Tallion– This is the Mets dream scenario, as he is the best high school pitcher in the draft and considered by many to be a top 3 talent. He could go to the O’s or Royals, but they could go the safer route with a college player. He has the potential to develop into a frontline starter.

8. Houston Astros: OF Jose Sale- Houston could go the safe route and take a college player like Michael Choice, but Sale seems like a good pick for them. He has great power and could end up in the middle of a major league lineup 4 or 5 years from now.

9. San Diego Padres: OF Michael Choice- Choice is the top college outfielder in this class and would be a top 5 pick if he definitely had the speed to stay in center. Even if the does have to move to the corner, he should be above average defensively and hit for more than enough power.

10. Oakland Athletics: 3B Zach Cox- Cox is another player who could go anywhere in the top 10, but is probably the best hitting infielder in this class.  I think he will slide a bit since his defense is still a work in progress, but will be well worth the investment.

11. Toronto Blue Jays: RHP Karsten Whitson- Whitson has established himself as the 2nd best H.S. pitching prospect in this class and would be a great pick here for the Jays.

12. Cincinnati Reds: SS Christan Colon- The Reds have had pretty good success grabbing college players these past few years, given the up-and-coming team they have I think they stay that route. Colon will need to work on his hitting some, but he is a major league SS, which makes him a steal here for the Reds.

13. Chicago White Sox: RHP Alex Wimmers- Wimmers will sign quickly for the White Sox and while he doesn’t have the highest ceiling he is a very sure bet for reaching it. He could be in the majors by mid-2011, and emerge as a solid number 3.

14. Milwaukee Brewers: SS Nick Castellanos-One of the best prep hitters in this class if teams think his demands aren’t too high than he should be a top 15 pick.

15. Texas Rangers: RHP Asher Wojciechowski- The Rangers need to draft someone who won’t hold out here since this pick isn’t protected. Wojciechowski is a top 20 talent so it wouldn’t be too much of a reach here. He’s another solid mid-rotation pitcher who should move quickly.

16. Chicago Cubs: RHP Brandon Workman- Workman has big time upside and could go earlier if someone falls in love with him. He is a good fit for a pitching starved Cubs system.

17. Tampa Bay Rays: OF Gary Brown- The Rays love toolsy, speedy outfielders and Brown fits that bill to the T. He has gotten better every year and could end up being a steal here.

18. Los Angeles Angels: RHP Dylan Covey- The Angels love drafting guys from their back yard, and high upside H.S. prospects. Covey fits the bill on both counts and seems like their pick.

19. Houston Astros: 2B Delino DeShields Jr.- The Astros are looking to add high upside players to their organization as they begin their long rebuilding process. The fact that DeShields is a MLB legacy doesn’t hurt either.

20. Boston Red Sox: RHP A.J. Cole- The Red Sox have the resources to go in any direction, but taking a young prospect with the arm and potential of Cole seems to make the most sense here.

21. Minnesota Twins: OF Bryce Brentz- The Twins aren’t likely to explode their budget for their top pick. I think similar to last year they will try and grab a top 10 talent who fell due to injury or under-performance.

22. Texas Rangers: 3B Kaleb Cowart- One of the better prep hitters in this class, Cowart has the potential to be a middle of the order hitter if he keeps adding strength. As a bonus he his a 1st round talent as a pitcher and could interest some teams in that role.

23. Florida Marlins: RHP Barrett Loux- Marlins are going to take someone who is signable from college, and Loux seems like their man.

24. San Francisco Giants: 2B Kolbrin Vitek- The Giants could get the best 2nd basemen by far in this draft with this pick. He doesn’t have Chase Utley upside, but he should be in the majors inside 2 years and a solid starter.

25. St. Louis Cardinals: LHP James Paxton- I think the Cards will keep stockpiling pitching with this pick. Paxton is the next best lefty and a sure bet to be a good starter at the next level.

26. Colorado Rockies: RHP Aaron Sanchez- Another high upside prep arm, that the Rockies seem to like.

27. Philadelphia Phillies: OF Brett Eibner- The Phillies system is gutted right now and they could use some players who are closer to the majors.

28. Los Angeles Dodgers: RHP Stetson Allie- The Dodgers love drafting prep pitchers in the first round, seems like a great fit here.

29. Los Angeles Angels: RHP Matt Harvey- The Angels could get a steal here if Harvey develops like everyone thought he would.

30. Los Angeles Angels: SS Yordy Cabrera- With a number of picks, I think the Angels can afford to draft a high upside SS like Cabrera.

31. Tampa Bay Rays: RHP Anthony Ranaudo- This pick isn’t protected so the Rays need to grab someone who will sign, Ranaudo will be happy to see his name finally off the board after an injury derailed this year for him.

32. New York Yankees: RHP Tyrell Jenkins- The Yankees are likely to grab a prep player with this pick and Jenkins could be that player. He’s a player with a lot of upside that the Yankees won’t mind paying for.

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