7 Reasons Why I Disliked the Redskins Draft:

Steve O Speak

1. They ended up with only 6 players, and only one of which was in the top 100 picks.

2. I don’t buy into this whole thing where I should be happy that we gave up our 2nd round pick for McNabb, and that he is the best 2nd round value in the draft. Yeah maybe if this was 5 years ago. For one thing we also gave up a pick next year, so McNabb will be our ‘third round pick’ then as well. Also that is only taking in consideration what McNabb does this year, since that is all we traded for, because even if we sign him to an extension, we would have had the chance to sign him as a free agent next year if we really wanted him. McNabb this year might be better then most of these 2nd round picks (I would not bet on all of them), but next year, and going forward I don’t know if we can make the same claim. Also, remember the 37th overall pick has more value than just the players that were available there. Given the Skins needs and the depth of this draft, they could have traded down (even multiple times) and gotten extra picks. If they traded just to the middle of the round they could have gotten Jimmy Clausen, who apparently the Skins thought well enough that they considered him with the 4th overall pick, plus the additional draft picks. If they traded even further back to the end of the 2nd round, they could have gotten quality offensive linemen like Ducasse or Charles Brown. Either would have filled a huge need.

3. They got nothing in return for Jason Campbell. I know it shouldn’t be evaluated with this draft, because the Campbell deal didn’t involve any picks in this draft, but that is exactly why I dislike it. How do you not get picks for 2 years, for an above average starter? Campbell is a steal for Oakland, especially since he agreed to add another year on his contract (where is that with Donovan???).

4. They didn’t trade any of their other impending unrestricted free agents (McIntosh or Rogers). This is just awful, these guys maybe weren’t going to net 1st or 2nd rounders, but they should have been able to get a solid return (though probably needed to make the trade ahead of time). Now Washington will lose both of these players next year for nothing (unless some other trade during the season is worked out, but I wouldn’t hold my breath). Even if the Skins do make the playoffs this season I don’t think it will be because of McIntosh and Rogers. Washington would have been well served to increase their depth by moving these two players.

5. They kept Fred Davis. I know Davis isn’t really on the trade block, but he should have been. Whether you could have worked out a trade for Baltimore’s Jared Gaither or just a mid-2nd rounder it would have been worth it. I know people may assert I’m overvaluing Davis, but he showed enough to be a starting TE in this league. Unfortunately the Skins already have one in Cooley. It doesn’t make sense to me that the Skins have two starting quality TE’s, but only one starting quality OT (Trent Williams). Whether you got Gaither in return or picks, the Skins could have filled needs by sacrificing their lone luxury.

6. Why are we drafting Perry Riley? Riley is a solid player, but he doesn’t seem spectacular and not ever really considered to be a top prospect. Not bad, but not great isn’t what I’m looking for with our 2nd overall pick in the 4 round. Especially since so many guys had fallen in the draft. Grabbing a player with upside at a need, like Bruce Campbell would have made sense. Or even trading back in the round and picking up an extra selection or 2.

7. Why aren’t we signing better named undrafted free agents? The Skins only had 6 picks, but as of now don’t have a very impressive undrafted free agent class. Sure these guys are all shots in the dark. But given the Skins need adding some DB’s, more RB’s and a young quarterback (Jevan Snead, Bill Stull) would have been like having a couple extra 7th round picks. I don’t know what the deal is, but I can’t imagine the Skins would be turned down because of a lack of opportunity.

All-in-all I was very disappointed that they had so few picks to start, and they weren’t really able to add that many more. This is a pretty old team, with a lot of current holes, Washington needed some reinforcements but was unable to really help any area but the offensive line (and it still isn’t complete). Overall I give them a Grade of D+ and that includes all the players that were acquired with their picks.

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