NFL Draft Day 3 Preview:

Steve O Speak

Most of the big names have already been called in the 2010 NFL Draft, but there are still a number of solid player available that could immediately contribute to an NFL team. Below are some of the players that could have easily been selected in an earlier round and could be major surprises in the NFL.

One of the first names that comes to mind would be Everson Griffen, a defensive end from Southern Cal. Griffen, on many boards, was seen as a first round pick. Apparently the New England Patriots nearly selected him at no. 89 before they traded away their pick to the Carolina Panthers. It would not be a surprise to hear that Everson Griffen is the first name called in the fourth round.

Another player that could be a solid immediate contributor is Bruce Campbell (OL) from the University of Maryland. Campbell could have easily gone in the third round, and some had him projected as a first rounder, but his inexperience has held back his superb draft workouts. I strongly expect the Washington Redskins to take a long, hard look at Campbell with the fourth pick of the round.

Ricky Sapp (OLB) from Clemson is another name that has fallen quite a long way. Sapp, just days ago, was considered an early second round pick, but he is still available in the fourth round. Prior to the draft, Sapp was expected to be at least a third rounder, so he should be a steal for any team picking in the fourth round. Expect him to go early.

Al Woods (DT) from Louisiana State could have also gone a round or two earlier. He had excellent pre-draft workouts, and he recently met with the New Orleans Saints before the draft. The Saints could make a move to acquire him, but it seems unlikely considering that they have the second to last pick in the round. It will be interesting to see where Woods ends up.

Finally, Joe McKnight looks like a major wild card in the fourth round. It is hard to project where he will end up, but he could have more upside than just about anyone this year. McKnight has been surrounded by controversy since he was recruited to Southern Cal, and that recruiting process was saturated with rumors of him receiving monetary benefits from agents and former players. That past baggage and the fact that he is substantially undersized for an NFL running back has strongly weakened his draft stock. McKnight was one of the most heralded athletes in the country coming out of high school, though, and he showed flashes of excellence during his short stay at USC, so McKnight could end up as one of the biggest surprises of the 2010 Draft.

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