NFL Free Agency Preview: Offense, QB’s and RB’s:

Steve O Speak


1. Jason Campbell- Washington Redskins: RFA, Campbell hasn’t become an elite starter by any means, but has shown he can be a 2nd tier starter in the NFL. If he goes to a team with some offensive weapons and an actual offensive line, he may lead his team deep into the playoffs.

2. Matt Moore-Carolina Panthers: ERFA, Moore supplanted Jake Delhomme last season as the Panthers starter, and should be the favorite going into this season. As an exclusive rights free agent Moore won’t be going anywhere, but the Panthers should try to lock him up for a couple years, before his price tag gets to crazy.

3. Kyle Orton-Denver Broncos: RFA, Orton had a nice first year with the Broncos, but could very well end up being the scapegoat their for their collapse. The Broncos will probably look to keep Orton as a restricted free agent for another season, but he could be on borrowed time. Orton is a solid quarterback, and probably could be successful if given enough of an opportunity.

4. Bruce Gradkowski-Oakland Raiders: RFA, Gradkowski was impressive for the Raiders before getting hurt against the Redskins. He single-handily knocked the Steelers out of the Super Bowl, by beating them in Pittsburgh late in the season. If the Raiders are smart they would give the reins to Gradkowski for a season, and see what they have.

5. Chad Pennington-Miami Dolphins: UFA, Pennington is the top unrestricted free agent, and really the last quarterback who can start on a regular basis in the NFL. Pennington should get plenty of interest from teams in transition, or developing a young quarterback. He doesn’t have a big arm, but he’s very accurate and smart.

Overall I’d expect Pennington and Campbell to change teams this offseason. The Panthers and Raiders can’t afford to let their guys go, and the Broncos will try to get the most out of the Jay Cutler deal as possible. Unlike most positions, I wouldn’t expect a boost in talent due to players who are cut. Their might be a couple veterans, but no one who should be starting 16 games.


1. Pierre Thomas-New Orleans Saints- RFA, Thomas was a major piece of the puzzle for the World Champion Saints this season. He is a tough running back, who can also be an effective part of the passing attack. If he was an unrestricted free agent he would get plenty of attention, but its doubtful he’s wearing a different uniform next season.

2. Leon Washington-New York Jets-RFA, Washington is a great utility back that can fill the role of Wildcat, return man, 3rd down back. In addition, Washington is very effective catching the ball out the the backfield and should be a nice weapon for Mark Sanchez next season. I don’t think the Jets will let him leave, even though it  might mean they have to cut Thomas Jones.

3. Darren Sproles– San Diego Chargers-RFA, Sproles is a fantastic scat back who is a threat to go the distance anytime he gets the ball in space. Most people would think he should go higher on this list, but Sproles was exposed as a running back last season. He can’t carry the load of an offense and needs to be used in special circumstances.

4. Chestor Taylor-Minnesota Vikings-UFA, Taylor like Pennington gets a huge boost in his stock because he is unrestricted. He never got much of a chance to prove himself in Minnesota, but should be a solid 2nd option in a two horse attack.

5. Jerome Harrison-Cleveland Browns-RFA, Harrison finished the year extremely strong and it should translate into a nice extension with the Browns. Harrison isn’t a complete runner, but is a pretty good option that allows the Browns to move running back down their need list.

6.  Jason Snelling-Atlanta Falcons-RFA, Snelling isn’t a game breaker, but he showed he can handle the load last season for the Falcons when Turner went down.

7. Mike Bell-New Orleans Saints-RFA, Bell showed some solid ability as Thomas’s caddy last season. Not an every down starter, he is a good back-up who can get 5-10 carries a game.

8. LenDale White-Tennessee Titans-RFA, White might be available despite being a restricted free agent given his run-ins with the coaching staff there. He’s not been happy watching Chris Johnson become a star and take away all his carries. He might get more work somewhere else, but won’t ever be an every down starter.

9. Cadillac Williams-Tampa Bay Buccaneers-RFA, Williams should be ranked much higher on talent alone, but injuries and inconsistency does drop him quite a bit. Williams should be given a shot to be a top running back, but its hard to imagine him staying healthy a full season.

10. Jerious Norwood-Atlanta Falcons-RFA, Norwood is a solid option catching the ball out of the back field and as a change of pace back.

Like every position, the running backs are severely limited by the uncapped season, making a number of them restricted free agents. Now there should be a number of players released that should add a lot of depth to this position. Some backs who could be released include, Clinton Portis, Thomas Jones, LaDainian Tomlinson, and maybe Reggie Bush.

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