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Steve O Speak

Urban Meyer is not the next Brett Favre:

I know we can tend to jump to conclusions and while Meyer’s new announcement ruined my blog from yesterday (as well as every other sport blog in the country), I’m happy that he changed his mind (though I’m not too sure the rest of the SEC will agree with my premise). Meyer should be coaching, and if the leave of absence will do him good and he can come back healthy and refreshed, then all the power to him. Meyer is definitely in the prime of his career, and should be on the sideline for years to come. His return is huge for the Gators, and I’d suspect they will continue to be perennial National Champion contenders.

Colts Screw-Up My Fantasy Team Their Undefeated Season:

Rex Ryan should be sending Jim Caldwell a nice Christmas gift after the Colts pulled their starters yesterday in the 2nd half, allowing New York to come back and win. Not only did it end the Colts undefeated season, but with the Broncos loss, the Jets are now in prime playoff position. The Colts meanwhile now no longer have the “pressure” of the undefeated season, or whatever other rosy scenario they try to paint to their fans. Which by the way, were none too happy about them sitting Manning and the rest of their starters. I can totally understand resting a few guys or sitting Manning the last couple of series in the 4th if they had the lead. But to just openly concede the game like that is pretty bad (in front of your home crowd no less).  I really don’t buy any of the excuses of resting their starters or protecting them from injury. History shows that teams who rest their starters in the last week or two of the season come out flat in the playoffs after their bye week. Sure their are exceptions to the rule, but too long of a lay-off is an issue that has hurt the Colts in the past, why go down that road again? The worst part is the Colts were in prime position to be able to rest most or all of their starters next week at Buffalo. The Bills are a floundering team, and Indianapolis would have probably jumped out to an early lead, giving them ample opportunity to rest Manning and Co. and maintain their perfect season. While I hope the Colts can overcome any rust when they make the playoffs they just put a huge target on their back for whatever Wild Card team that makes it since they didn’t eliminate the Jets from the playoff picture.

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